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2015An oncogenic role of Agrin in regulating focal adhesion integrity in hepatocellular carcinomaChakraborty, S; Lakshmanan, M; Swa, H.L.F; Chen, J; Zhang, X; Ong, Y.S; Loo, L.S; Aklncllar, S.C; Gunaratne, J ; Tergaonkar, V ; Hui, K.M; Hong, W 
2017Genome-scale modeling and transcriptome analysis of Leuconostoc mesenteroides unravel the redox governed metabolic states in obligate heterofermentative lactic acid bacteriaKoduru, L ; Kim, Y; Bang, J; Lakshmanan, M; Han, N.S; Lee, D.-Y 
2018GNA13 expression promotes drug resistance and tumor-initiating phenotypes in squamous cell cancersRasheed, S.A.K ; Leong, H.S; Lakshmanan, M; Raju, A; Dadlani, D ; Chong, F.-T; Shannon, N.B; Rajarethinam, R; Skanthakumar, T; Tan, E.Y; Hwang, J.S.G ; Lim, K.H ; Tan, D.S.-W ; Ceppi, P; Wang, M ; Tergaonkar, V ; Casey, P.J ; Iyer, N.G 
2018In silico model-guided identification of transcriptional regulator targets for efficient strain designKoduru, L ; Lakshmanan, M; Lee, D.-Y 
2016Modeling rice metabolism: From elucidating environmental effects on cellular phenotype to guiding crop improvementLakshmanan, M; Cheung, C.Y.M ; Mohanty, B ; Lee, D.-Y 
2016Recon 2.2: from reconstruction to model of human metabolismSwainston, N; Smallbone, K; Hefzi, H; Dobson, P.D; Brewer, J; Hanscho, M; Zielinski, D.C; Ang, K.S ; Gardiner, N.J; Gutierrez, J.M; Kyriakopoulos, S; Lakshmanan, M; Li, S; Liu, J.K; Martínez, V.S; Orellana, C.A; Quek, L.-E; Thomas, A; Zanghellini, J; Borth, N; Lee, D.-Y ; Nielsen, L.K; Kell, D.B; Lewis, N.E; Mendes, P.
2018Role of novel histone modifications in cancerShanmugam, M.K ; Arfuso, F; Arumugam, S; Chinnathambi, A; Jinsong, B ; Warrier, S; Wang, L.Z ; Kumar, A.P ; Ahn, K.S; Sethi, G ; Lakshmanan, M