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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006100 nm Gate Length Pt-Germanosilicide Schottky S/D PMOSFET on SGOI substrate fabricated by novel condensation approachGao, F.; Balakumar, S.; Rui, L.; Lee, S.J. ; Tung, C.-H.; Du, A.; Sudhiranjan, T.; Hwang, W.S.; Balasubramanian, N.; Lo, P.; Dong-Zhi, C.; Kwong, D.-L.
2004A comparison study of high-density MIM capacitors with ALD HfO 2-Al 2O 3 laminated, sandwiched and stacked dielectricsDing, S.-J. ; Hu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Kim, S.J. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Chin, A.; Kwong, D.-L.
Aug-2004A dual-metal gate integration process for CMOS with sub-1-nm EOT HfO2 by using HfN replacement gateRen, C.; Yu, H.Y. ; Kang, J.F.; Wang, X.P.; Ma, H.H.H. ; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Li, M.-F. ; Kwong, D.-L.
28-Apr-2006A dynamic random access memory based on a conjugated copolymer containing electron-donor and -acceptor moietiesLing, Q.-D. ; Song, Y.; Lim, S.-L.; Teo, E.Y.-H. ; Tan, Y.-P.; Zhu, C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Kwong, D.-L.; Kang, E.-T. ; Neoh, K.-G. 
Jan-2006A fast measurement technique of MOSFET Id-Vg characteristicsShen, C.; Li, M.-F. ; Wang, X.P.; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Kwong, D.-L.
Feb-2003A high-density MIM capacitor (13 fF/μm2) using ALD HfO2 dielectricsYu, X.; Zhu, C. ; Hu, H.; Chin, A. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Kwong, D.-L.; Foo, P.D.; Yu, M.B.
2011A lens holder in conjunction with a MEMS platform for on-chip aligning and fixing of a ball lens in silicon photonics packagingZhang, Q.X.; Du, Y. ; Tan, C.W.; Zhang, J.; Yu, M.B.; Lo, G.-Q.; Kwong, D.-L.
2005A new gate dielectric HfLaO with metal gate work function tuning capability and superior NMOSFETs performanceWang, X.P.; Li, M.F. ; Chin, A. ; Zhu, C. ; Chi, R.; Yu, X.F.; Shen, C.; Du, A.Y.; Chan, D.S.H. ; Kwong, D.-L.
2003A Novel Approach for Integration of Dual Metal Gate Process Using Ultra Thin Aluminum Nitride Buffer LayerPark, C.S. ; Cho, B.J. ; Yan, D.A.; Balasubramanian, N.; Kwong, D.-L.
2011A novel micromechanical resonator using two-dimensional phononic crystal slabWang, N.; Hsiao, F.-L.; Palaniapan, M. ; Tsai, J.M.; Soon, B.W.; Kwong, D.-L.; Lee, C. 
Mar-2005A novel program-erasable high-k AlN-Si MIS capacitorLai, C.H.; Chin, A.; Hung, B.F.; Cheng, C.F.; Yoo, W.J. ; Li, M.F. ; Zhu, C. ; McAlister, S.P.; Kwong, D.-L.
2004A novel program-erasable high-κ AlN capacitor with memory functionChin, A. ; Lai, C.H.; Hung, B.F.; Cheng, C.F.; McAlister, S.P.; Zhu, C. ; Li, M.-F. ; Kwong, D.-L.
2004A novel surface passivation process for HfO 2 Ge MOSFETsWu, N.; Zhang, Q.; Zhu, C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Li, M.F. ; Balasubramanian, N.; Du, A.Y.; Chin, A.; Sin, J.K.O.; Kwong, D.-L.
Jan-2010A silicon platform with MEMS active alignment function and its potential application in Si-photonics packagingZhang, Q.X.; Du, Y. ; Tan, C.W.; Zhang, J.; Yu, M.B.; Yeoh, W.G.; Lo, G.-Q.; Kwong, D.-L.
Sep-2004A TaN-HfO2-Ge pMOSFET with novel SiH4 surface passivationWu, N.; Zhang, Q.; Zhu, C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Du, A.; Balasubramanian, N.; Li, M.F. ; Chin, A.; Sin, J.K.O.; Kwong, D.-L.
2005Advanced MOSFETs using HfTaON/SiO2 gate dielectric and TaN metal gate with excellent performances for low standby power applicationYu, X.; Zhu, C. ; Yu, M.; Li, M.F. ; Chin, A.; Tung, C.H.; Gui, D.; Kwong, D.-L.
Mar-2004Al 2O 3-Ge-On-Insulator n- and p-MOSFETs With Fully NiSi and NiGe Dual GatesYu, D.S.; Huang, C.H.; Chin, A.; Zhu, C. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Kwong, D.-L.
1-Nov-2004Alternative surface passivation on germanium for metal-oxide-semiconductor applications with high-k gate dielectricWu, N.; Zhang, Q.; Zhu, C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Li, M.F. ; Balasubramanian, N.; Chin, A.; Kwong, D.-L.
May-2003An integratable dual metal gate CMOS process using an ultrathin aluminum nitride buffer layerPark, C.S. ; Cho, B.J. ; Kwong, D.-L.
2003Analysis of Charge Trapping and Breakdown Mechanism in High-K Dielectrics with Metal Gate Electrode Using Carrier SeparationLoh, W.Y. ; Cho, B.C. ; Joo, M.S. ; Li, M.F. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Mathew, S.; Kwong, D.-L.