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2018Cost of Medical Care of Patients with Advanced Serious Illness in Singapore (COMPASS): Prospective cohort study protocolTeo, I ; Singh, R; Malhotra, C ; Ozdemir, S ; Dent, R.A ; Kumarakulasinghe, N.B; Yeo, W.L; Cheung, Y.B ; Malhotra, R ; Kanesvaran, R ; Yee, A.C.P ; Chan, N ; Wu, H.Y; Chin, S.M; Allyn, H.Y.M; Yang, G.M ; Neo, P.S.H ; Nadkarni, N.V ; Harding, R; Finkelstein, E.A 
2016EGFR kinase inhibitors and gastric acid suppressants in EGFR-mutant NSCLC: A retrospective database analysis of potential drug interactionKumarakulasinghe, N.B; Syn, N; Soon, Y.Y; Asmat, A; Zheng, H; Loy, E.Y; Pang, B ; Soo, R.A 
2017Limb hypothermia for preventing paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy in breast cancer patients: A pilot studySundar, R ; Bandla, A ; Tan, S.S.H ; Liao, L.-D ; Kumarakulasinghe, N.B; Jeyasekharan, A.D ; Ow, S.G.W; Ho, J; Tan, D.S.P; Lim, J.S.J ; Vijayan, J; Therimadasamy, A.K; Hairom, Z; Ang, E; Ang, S; Thakor, N.V ; Lee, S.-C ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V 
2018Loss of USP28-mediated BRAF degradation drives resistance to RAF cancer therapiesSaei, A; Palafox, M; Benoukraf, T ; Kumari, N ; Jaynes, P.W ; Iyengar, P.V ; Muñoz?Couselo, E; Nuciforo, P; Cortés, J; Nötzel, C; Kumarakulasinghe, N.B; Richard, J.L.C ; Isa, Z.F.B.A ; Pang, B ; Guzman, M; Siqin, Z ; Yang, H ; Tam, W.L ; Serra, V; Eichhorn, P.J.A