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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A new general formulation for the entire-domain analysis of an array of arbitrarily oriented circular loop antennasKrishnan, S.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.S. ; Kooi, P.S. 
2006A new loop antenna for directional UWB linksKrishnan, S.; Kyaw, O.; Ning, L.Z.; Wei, L.L.; Seng, L.M. 
Jun-2005A V-shaped structure for improving the directional properties of the loop antennaKrishnan, S.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
2014Bilineal T lymphoblastic and myeloid blast transformation in chronic myeloid leukemia with TP53 mutation-an uncommon presentation in adultsKrishnan, S.; Sabai, K.; Chuah, C. ; Tan, S.Y.
2010Biosafety assessment of site-directed transgene integration in human umbilical cord-lining cellsSivalingam, J.; Krishnan, S.; Ng, W.H.; Lee, S.S.; Kon, O.L. ; Phan, T.T. 
Jun-2004Comments on "Mutual coupling of two collocated orthogonally oriented circular thin-wire loops"Krishnan, S.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
2012Does environmental performance affect organizational performance? Evidence from green IT organizationsNishant, R.; Teo, T.S.H. ; Goh, M. ; Krishnan, S.
2012Does governance matter? investigating the impact of governance on e-government maturityKrishnan, S.; Teo, T.S.H. 
2011E-government, E-business, and national environmental performanceKrishnan, S.; Teo, T.S.H. 
2011Engaging citizens in managing electronic government service quality: A country level analysisKrishnan, S.; Teo, T.S.H. 
Sep-2005Entire-domain MoM analysis of an array of arbitrarily oriented circular loop antennas: A general formulationKrishnan, S.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
Dec-2013Examining the relationships among e-government maturity, corruption, economic prosperity and environmental degradation: A cross-country analysisKrishnan, S.; Teo, T.S.H. ; Lim, V.K.G. 
Feb-2004Global variations in peak bone mass as studied by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometryMcCloskey, E.V.; Dey, A.; Parr, R.M.; Aras, N.; Balogh, A.; Bostock, J.; Borelli, A.; Krishnan, S.; Lobo, G.; Qin, L.L.; Zhang, Y.; Cvijetic, S.; Zaichick, V.; Lim-Abraham, M.; Bose, K. ; Wynchank, S.; Iyengar, G.V.
2010How does personality matter? Investigating the impact of big-five personality traits on cyberloafingKrishnan, S.; Lim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. 
2011IT readiness, ICT usage, and national sustainability development: Testing the source-position-performance frameworkKrishnan, S.; Teo, T.S.H. ; Nishant, R.
2011Moderating effects of environmental factors on e-government, e-business, and environmental sustainabilityKrishnan, S.; Teo, T.S.H. 
2010Moderating effects of extroversion and neuroticism on sleep deprivation and cyberloafingKrishnan, S.; Lim, V.K.G. 
2012Moderating effects of governance on information infrastructure and e-government developmentKrishnan, S.; Teo, T.S.H. 
5-Sep-2002Radiation Q of electrically large loop antennas with nonuniform currentsKrishnan, S.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. ; Kooi, P.-S. 
2011The effect of information systems capabilities on sustainability: A country-level analysisKrishnan, S.; Teo, T.S.H.