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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Adaptive disk spindown via optimal rent-to-buy in probabilistic environmentsKrishnan, P.; Long, P.M. ; Vitter, J.S.
Oct-2008Antibiotic resistance in gram-negative bacilli: A Singapore perspectiveThean, Y.T.; Li, Y.H. ; Tse, H.K. ; Ng, L.S.Y.; Tee, N.W.S.; Krishnan, P.; Lin, R.T.P. ; Jureen, R.
Dec-2007Antimicrobial drug resistance in Singapore hospitalsHsu, L.-Y. ; Tan, T.-Y.; Jureen, R.; Koh, T.-H.; Krishnan, P.; Lin, R.T.-P.; Tee, N.W.-S.; Tambyah, P.A. 
2014Changing molecular epidemiology and high rates of mupirocin resistance among meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Singaporean hospitalsHon, P.Y.; Koh, T.H. ; Tan, T.Y.; Krishnan, P.; Leong, J.W.-Y.; Jureen, R.; Chan, J.; Tee, N.W.-S.; Murugesh, J.; Chan, K.S.; Hsu, L.Y.
2012Data driven fault detection using multi-block PLS based path modeling approachKandpal, M.; Krishnan, P.; Samavedham, L. 
Dec-2011Detection of an unusual van genotype in a vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium hospital isolateTeo, J.W.P.; Krishnan, P.; Jureen, R.; Lin, R.T.P. 
Sep-2013Emergence of Klebsiella pneumoniae co-producing NDM-type and OXA-181 carbapenemasesBalm, M.N.D.; La, M.-V.; Krishnan, P.; Jureen, R.; Lin, R.T.P. ; Teo, J.W.P.
Jun-2013Enterobacter cloacae producing an uncommon class A carbapenemase, IMI-1, from SingaporeTeo, J.W.P.; La, M.-V.; Krishnan, P.; Ang, B.; Jureen, R.; Lin, R.T.P. 
2007Evolving EMRSA-15 epidemic in Singapore hospitalsHsu, L.-Y. ; Fisher, D.A. ; Loomba-Chlebicka, N.; Koh, Y.-L.; Koh, T.-H.; Tan, T.-Y.; Krishnan, P.; Lin, R.T.-P.; Tee, N.W.-S.
2014First report of emergence of OXA-48 carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Singapore: Proactive or reactive infection control strategy?Marimuthu, K. ; Teo, J.W.P.; Fong, P.B.; Hui Chin, J.O.; Qi, K.J.; Chien Boon, D.L.; Li Ping, A.C.; Krishnan, P.; Sze Peng, B.A.
May-2011Isolation of the first three cases of clostridium difficile polymerase chain reaction ribotype 027 in SingaporeLim, P.L.; Ling, M.L.; Lee, H.Y.; Koh, T.H.; Tan, A.L.; Kuijper, E.J.; Goh, S.S.; Low, B.S.; Ang, L.P.; Harmanus, C.; Lin, R.T.P. ; Krishnan, P.; James, L.; Lee, C.E.
Dec-2009Molecular epidemiology of vancomycin-resistant enterococci in SingaporeKoh, T.H.; Low, B.S.; Leo, N.; Hsu, L.-Y. ; Lin, R.T.P.; Krishnan, P.; Chan, D.; Nadarajah, M.; Toh, S.L.; Ong, K.H.
2009Nineteen-year experience of paediatric renal transplantation in SingaporeKar, H.N.; Yap, H.K. ; Shrestha, P.; Aragon, E.; Yew, W.L.; Wee, S.Y.; Yiong, H.C.; Krishnan, P.
2013Photocatalytic degradation of particulate pollutants and self-cleaning performance of TiO2-containing silicate coating and mortarKrishnan, P.; Zhang, M.-H. ; Yu, L. ; Feng, H.
2013Photocatalytic degradation of SO2 using TiO2- containing silicate as a building coating materialKrishnan, P.; Zhang, M.-H. ; Cheng, Y.; Riang, D.T.; Yu, L.E. 
Jan-2013ST22 and ST239 MRSA duopoly in Singaporean hospitals: 2006-2010Teo, J.; Tan, T.Y.; Hon, P.Y.; Lee, W.; Koh, T.H.; Krishnan, P.; Hsu, L.Y. 
1999Successful living related liver transplantation from a donor with von Willebrand's diseaseLee, K.-H. ; Tan, L.-K. ; Krishnan, P.; Tan, K.-C.
2010Surveillance and correlation of antibiotic prescription and resistance of gram-negative bacteria in Singaporean hospitalsHsu, L.-Y. ; Tam, V.H. ; Fisher, D.A. ; Tan, T.-Y.; Kwa, A.; Koh, T.-H.; Krishnan, P.; Chiew, Y.-F.; Jureen, R.; Tee, N.
9-Dec-2011Surveillance of broad-spectrum antibiotic prescription in Singaporean hospitals: A 5-year longitudinal studyLiew, Y.-X.; Krishnan, P.; Yeo, C.-L.; Tan, T.-Y.; Lee, S.-Y.; Lim, W.-P.; Lee, W.; Hsu, L.-Y. 
2014Surveillance trends of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae from Singapore, 2010-2013Teo, J.W.P.; Tan, P.; La, M.-V.; Krishnan, P.; Tee, N.; Koh, T.H.; Deepak, R.N.; Tan, T.Y.; Jureen, R. ; Lin, R.T.P.