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20-Aug-2003A Windows-native 3D plastic injection mold design systemKong, L.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Lee, K.S. ; Liu, X.L.; Ling, L.S.; Zhang, Y.F. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
2001Auto-generation of patch surfaces for injection mould designKong, L.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Lee, K.S. 
1-Aug-2010Is elective irradiation to the lower neck necessary for N0 nasopharyngeal carcinoma?Gao, Y.; Zhu, G.; Lu, J. ; Ying, H.; Kong, L.; Wu, Y.; Hu, C.
21-Jan-2013Molten-salt-mediated synthesis of SiC nanowires for microwave absorption applicationsWu, R.; Zhou, K.; Yang, Z. ; Qian, X.; Wei, J.; Liu, L.; Huang, Y.; Kong, L.; Wang, L.
2006MPID-T: Database for sequence-structure-function information on T-cell receptor/peptide/MHC interactionsJoo, C.T.; Kong, L.; Tin, W.T.; Ranganathan, S. 
1-Dec-2013Neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by concurrent chemoradiation for locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Interim results from 2 prospective phase 2 clinical trialsKong, L.; Hu, C.; Niu, X.; Zhang, Y.; Guo, Y.; Tham, I.W.K. ; Lu, J.J. 
2008Prospective phase II trial of concomitant boost radiotherapy for stage II nasopharyngeal carcinomaLu, J.J. ; Shakespeare, T.P.; Zhang, Q.; Lee, K.M.; Kong, L.; Loh, K.S. ; Luke, Tan K.S. 
1-Apr-2011Radiation-induced cranial nerve palsy: A cross-sectional study of nasopharyngeal cancer patients after definitive radiotherapyKong, L.; Lu, J.J. ; Liss, A.L. ; Hu, C.; Guo, X.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, Y.
Apr-2012Report of a bloom-forming dinoflagellate takayamaacrotrocha from tropical coastal waters of singaporeTang, Y.Z.; Kong, L.; Morse, R.E.; Gobler, C.J.; Holmes, M.J. 
2004SDPMOD: An automated comparative modeling server for small disulfide-bonded proteinsKong, L.; Kwong, Lee B.T.; Tong, J.C. ; Tan, T.W. ; Ranganathan, S. 
2008Tandem duplication, circular permutation, molecular adaptation: How Solanaceae resist pests via inhibitorsKong, L.; Ranganathan, S.