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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A decompositional approach to parameter estimation in pathway modeling: A case study of the Akt and MAPK pathways and their crosstalkKoh, G.; Teong, H.F.C.; Clément, M.-V. ; Hsu, D. ; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
2005Appropriate use of personal protective equipment among healthcare workers in public sector hospitals and primary healthcare polyclinics during the SARS outbreak in SingaporeChia, S.E. ; Koh, D. ; Fones, C.; Qian, F.; Ng, V. ; Lim, M.K. ; Tan, B.H.; Wong, K.S.; Chew, W.M.; Tang, H.K.; Ng, W.; Muttakin, Z.; Emmanuel, S.; Fong, N.P.; Koh, G.
10-Feb-2007Characterization of the barrier layer of nanoporous alumina films prepared using two different contact configurationsKoh, G.; Agarwal, S. ; Cheow, P.-S.; Toh, C.-S. 
Apr-2012Chinese Singaporean attitudes towards poverty and inequality: A comparative analysisNg, I.Y. ; Koh, G.
2011Component-based construction of bio-pathway models: The parameter estimation problemKoh, G.; Hsu, D. ; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
2007Composing globally consistent pathway parameter estimates through belief propagationKoh, G.; Tucker-Kellogg, L. ; Hsu, D. ; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
1-Dec-2007Development of a membrane-based electrochemical immunosensorKoh, G.; Agarwal, S. ; Cheow, P.-S.; Toh, C.-S. 
2008Electroanalytical studies of immunoglobulin-bound glucose oxidaseKoh, G.; Wivanius, R.; Woo, M.S.M.; Toh, C.-S. 
6-Jul-2010How necessary is a fast testkit for mitigation of pandemic flu?Chin, J.; Koh, G.; Lee, D.-Y. 
2010Incremental signaling pathway modeling by data integrationKoh, G.; Hsu, D. ; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
4-Nov-2011Integrated transcriptome and binding sites analysis implicates E2F in the regulation of self-renewal in human pluripotent stem cellsYeo, H.C.; Beh, T.T.; Quek, J.J.L.; Koh, G.; Chan, K.K.K.; Lee, D.-Y. 
Jul-2011Mathematical modeling and sensitivity analysis of the integrated TNFα-mediated apoptotic pathway for identifying key regulatorsKoh, G.; Lee, D.-Y. 
1-Sep-2009Membrane-based electrochemical nanobiosensor for the detection of virusNguyen, B.T.T.; Koh, G.; Hui, S.L.; Chua, A.J.S.; Ng, M.M.L.; Toh, C.-S. 
2008Perception in relation to a potential influenza pandemic among healthcare workers in Japan: Implications for preparednessImai, T.; Takahashi, K.; Todoroki, M.; Hoshuyama, T.; Ide, R.; Kunishima, H.; Kawasaki, T.; Koyama, N.; Endo, K.; Fujita, H.; Iwata, K.; Koh, G.; Chia, S.E. ; Koh, D.
1999Political Participation in Singapore: Findings from a National SurveyLing, O.G. ; Ser, T.E. ; Koh, G.
Jul-2005Risk perception and impact of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) on work and personal lives of healthcare workers in Singapore: What can we learn?Koh, D. ; Meng, K.L. ; Sin, E.C. ; Soo, M.K.; Qian, F.; Ng, V.; Ban, H.T.; Kok, S.W.; Wuen, M.C.; Hui, K.T.; Ng, W.; Muttakin, Z.; Emmanuel, S.; Ngan, P.F.; Koh, G.; Chong, T.K.; Tan, K.B.-C. ; Fones, C.
Jan-2014Software applications for flux balance analysisLakshmanan, M.; Koh, G.; Chung, B.K.S.; Lee, D.-Y. 
2006The asean-10Sulaiman, H.; Mathews, V.; Kassim, Y.R.; Pholsena, V. ; Beng, O.K.; Taylor, R.H.; Severino, R.; Koh, G.; Pongsudhirak, T.; Vasavakul, T.
2008The effect of cotton-based collection methods on eosinophil cationic protein (ECP) concentrations detected in salivaWong, T.Y. ; Koh, D.; Wee, A.; Ng, V. ; Koh, Y.T.; Sum, Z.; Koh, G.
10-Sep-2013Translatome analysis of CHO cells to identify key growth genesCourtes, F.C.; Lin, J.; Lim, H.L.; Ng, S.W.; Wong, N.S.C.; Koh, G.; Vardy, L.; Yap, M.G.S. ; Loo, B.; Lee, D.-Y.