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2010Apoptosis induced by JAK2 inhibition is mediated by Bim and enhanced by the BH3 mimetic ABT-737 in JAK2 mutant human erythroid cellsWill, B.; Siddiqi, T.; Jorda, M.A.; Luptakova, K.; Staber, P.B.; Costa, D.B.; Kobayashi, S.; Steidl, U.; Tenen, D.G. ; Shimamura, T.
2010CARM1 is required for proper control of proliferation and differentiation of pulmonary epithelial cellsO'Brien, K.B.; Alberich-Jorda, M.; DiRuscio, A.; Ebralidze, A.; Tenen, D.G. ; Yadav, N.; Kocher, O.; Levantini, E.; Sng, N.J.L.; Bhasin, M.; Kobayashi, S.; Caron, T.; Rodig, S.J.; Kim, D.; Bedford, M.T.; Steidl, U.; Huang, G.; Halmos, B.
2010Erlotinib at a dose of 25 mg daily for non-small cell lung cancers with EGFR mutationsYeo, W.-L. ; Lau, M.W.; Warner, J.L.; Bodio, K.; Huberman, M.S.; Tenen, D.G. ; Kobayashi, S.; Costa, D.B.; Riely, G.J.; Kris, M.G.; Yeap, B.Y.; Pao, W.
Jun-2011Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies common variants associated with blood pressure variation in east AsiansKato, N.; Takeuchi, F.; Tabara, Y.; Kelly, T.N.; Go, M.J.; Sim, X. ; Tay, W.T.; Chen, C.-H.; Zhang, Y.; Yamamoto, K.; Katsuya, T.; Yokota, M.; Kim, Y.J.; Ong, R.T.H. ; Nabika, T.; Gu, D.; Chang, L.-C.; Kokubo, Y.; Huang, W.; Ohnaka, K.; Yamori, Y.; Nakashima, E.; Jaquish, C.E.; Lee, J.-Y.; Seielstad, M.; Isono, M.; Hixson, J.E.; Chen, Y.-T.; Miki, T.; Zhou, X.; Sugiyama, T.; Jeon, J.-P.; Liu, J.J.; Takayanagi, R.; Kim, S.S.; Aung, T.; Sung, Y.J.; Zhang, X.; Wong, T.Y. ; Han, B.-G.; Kobayashi, S.; Ogihara, T.; Zhu, D.; Iwai, N.; Wu, J.-Y.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Tai, E.S.; Cho, Y.S.; He, J.
Aug-2010Serum concentrations of erlotinib at a dose of 25 mg dailyCosta, D.B.; Kobayashi, S.; Yeo, W.-L. ; Hamada, A.