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2009EPHA2 is associated with age-related cortical cataract in mice and humansJun G.; Guo H.; Klein B.E.K.; Klein R.; Jie J.W.; Mitchell P.; Miao H.; Lee K.E.; Joshi T.; Buck M.; Chugha P.; Bardenstein D.; Klein A.P.; Bailey-Wilson J.E.; Gong X.; Spector T.D.; Andrew T.; Hammond C.J.; Elston R.C.; Iyengar S.K.; Wang B. 
2016Winner's Curse Correction and Variable Thresholding Improve Performance of Polygenic Risk Modeling Based on Genome-Wide Association Study Summary-Level DataShi J.; Park J.-H.; Duan J.; Berndt S.T.; Moy W.; Yu K.; Song L.; Wheeler W.; Hua X.; Silverman D.; Garcia-Closas M.; Hsiung C.A.; Figueroa J.D.; Cortessis V.K.; Malats N.; Karagas M.R.; Vineis P.; Chang I.-S.; Lin D.; Zhou B.; Seow A. ; Matsuo K.; Hong Y.-C.; Caporaso N.E.; Wolpin B.; Jacobs E.; Petersen G.M.; Klein A.P.; Li D.; Risch H.; Sanders A.R.; Hsu L.; Schoen R.E.; Brenner H.; MGS (Molecular Genetics of Schizophrenia) GWAS Consortium; GECCO (The Genetics and Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Consortium); The GAME-ON/TRICL (Transdisciplinary Research in Cancer of the Lung) GWAS Consortium; PRACTICAL (PRostate cancer AssoCiation group To Investigate Cancer Associated aLterations) Consortium; PanScan Consortium; The GAME-ON/ELLIPSE Consortium; Stolzenberg-Solomon R.; Gejman P.; Lan Q.; Rothman N.; Amundadottir L.T.; Landi M.T.; Levinson D.F.; Chanock S.J.; Chatterjee N.