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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Oct-2011A 32 kb critical region excluding Y402H in CFH mediates risk for age-related macular degenerationSivakumaran, T.A.; Igo Jr., R.P.; Kidd, J.M.; Itsara, A.; Kopplin, L.J.; Chen, W.; Hagstrom, S.A.; Peachey, N.S.; Francis, P.J.; Klein, M.L.; Chew, E.Y.; Ramprasad, V.L.; Tay, W.-T.; Mitchell, P.; Seielstad, M.; Stambolian, D.E.; Edwards, A.O.; Lee, K.E.; Leontiev, D.V.; Jun, G.; Wang, Y.; Tian, L.; Qiu, F.; Henning, A.K.; LaFramboise, T.; Sen, P.; Aarthi, M.; George, R.; Raman, R.; Das, M.K.; Vijaya, L.; Kumaramanickavel, G.; Wong, T.Y. ; Swaroop, A.; Abecasis, G.R.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Nickerson, D.A.; Eichler, E.E.; Iyengar, S.K.
2004A prospective cohort study of retinal arteriolar narrowing and mortalityWong, T.Y. ; Knudtson, M.D.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Hubbard, L.D.
Apr-2012Age-related macular degeneration and incident cardiovascular disease: The multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosisFernandez, A.B.; Wong, T.Y. ; Klein, R.; Collins, D.; Burke, G.; Cotch, M.F.; Klein, B.; Sadeghi, M.M.; Chen, J.
Jun-2012Age-related macular degeneration and long-term risk of stroke subtypesIkram, M.K.; Mitchell, P.; Klein, R.; Sharrett, A.R.; Couper, D.J.; Wong, T.Y. 
2006Age-related macular degeneration and risk for strokeWong, T.Y. ; Sun, C.; Klein, R.; Mitchell, P.; Couper, D.J.; Lai, H.; Hubbard, L.D.; Sharrett, A.R.
2009Age-related Macular Degeneration and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke: The Cardiovascular Health StudySun, C.; Wong, T.Y. ; Klein, R.
2007Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease. The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities StudyWong, T.Y. ; Tikellis, G.; Sun, C.; Klein, R.; Couper, D.J.; Sharrett, A.R.
Nov-2010Air pollution and the microvasculature: A cross-sectional assessment of in vivo retinal images in the population-based multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis (MESA)Adar, S.D.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Szpiro, A.A.; Cotch, M.F.; Wong, T.Y. ; O'Neill, M.S.; Shrager, S.; Graham Barr, R.; Siscovick, D.S.; Daviglus, M.L.; Sampson, P.D.; Kaufman, J.D.
Oct-2007Aortic distensibility and retinal arteriolar narrowing: The multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosisCheung, N.; Sharrett, A.R.; Klein, R.; Criqui, M.H.; Islam, F.M.A.; Macura, K.J.; Cotch, M.F.; Klein, B.E.K.; Wong, T.Y. 
Jan-2007Apolipoprotein E gene and age-related maculopathy in older individuals: The Cardiovascular Health StudyTikellis, G.; Sun, C.; Gorin, M.B.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Larsen, E.K.M.; Siscovick, D.S.; Hubbard, L.D.; Wong, T.Y. 
12-Nov-2007Apolipoprotein E gene and retinal microvascular signs in older people: The cardiovascular health studySun, C.; Tikellis, G.; Liew, G.; Klein, R.; Marino Larsen, E.K.; Wong, T.Y. 
Jun-2007Apolipoprotein E gene polymorphisms and retinal vascular signs: The Atherosclerosis Risk In Communities (ARIC) StudyLiew, G.; Shankar, A.; Jie, J.W.; Klein, R.; Bray, M.S.; Couper, D.J.; Sharrett, A.R.; Wong, T.Y. 
Jul-2006Apolipoprotein E Gene Polymorphisms Are Not Associated With Diabetic Retinopathy: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities StudyLiew, G.; Shankar, A.; Wang, J.J.; Klein, R.; Bray, M.S.; Couper, D.J.; Wong, T.Y. 
2-Jul-2013Are C-Reactive Protein Associated Genetic Variants Associated with Serum Levels and Retinal Markers of Microvascular Pathology in Asian Populations from Singapore?Dorajoo, R.; Li, R.; Ikram, M.K.; Liu, J.; Froguel, P.; Lee, J. ; Sim, X. ; Ong, R.T.-H. ; Tay, W.T.; Peng, C.; Young, T.L. ; Blakemore, A.I.F.; Cheng, C.Y. ; Aung, T.; Mitchell, P.; Wang, J.J.; Klaver, C.C.; Boerwinkle, E.; Klein, R.; Siscovick, D.S.; Jensen, R.A.; Gudnason, V.; Smith, A.V.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Tai, E.-S.; Heng, C.-K.; Friedlander, Y.
Feb-2011Are lung disease and function related to age-related macular degeneration?Moorthy, S.; Cheung, N.; Klein, R.; Shahar, E.; Wong, T.Y. 
Dec-2007Arterial compliance and retinal vascular caliber in cerebrovascular diseaseCheung, N.; Islam, F.M.A.; Jacobs Jr., D.R.; Sharrett, A.R.; Klein, R.; Polak, J.F.; Cotch, M.F.; Klein, B.E.; Ouyang, P.; Wong, T.Y. 
Sep-2007Association between C-reactive protein level and peripheral arterial disease among US adults without cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or hypertensionShankar, A.; Li, J. ; Nieto, F.J.; Klein, B.E.K.; Klein, R.
Jul-2010Association between physical activity and retinal microvascular signs: The atherosclerosis risk in communities (ARIC) studyTikellis, G.; Anuradha, S.; Klein, R.; Wong, T.Y. 
2007Associations between findings on cranial magnetic resonance imaging and retinal photography in the elderly: The cardiovascular health studyLongstreth, Jr. W.T.; Larsen, E.K.M.; Klein, R.; Wong, T.Y. ; Sharrett, A.R.; Lefkowitz, D.; Manolio, T.A.
2004Associations between the metabolic syndrome and retinal microvascular signs: The atherosclerosis risk in communities studyWong, T.Y. ; Duncan, B.B.; Schmidt, M.I.; Golden, S.H.; Sharrett, A.R.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Hubbard, L.D.; Couper, D.J.