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May-2014Functionalised staple linkages for modulating the cellular activity of stapled peptidesLau, Y.H.; De Andrade, P.; Quah, S.-T.; Rossmann, M.; Laraia, L.; Sköld, N.; Sum, T.J.; Rowling, P.J.E.; Joseph, T.L.; Verma, C. ; Hyvönen, M.; Itzhaki, L.S.; Venkitaraman, A.R.; Brown, C.J.; Lane, D.P.; Spring, D.R.
Mar-2013Growth inhibition of pathogenic bacteria by sulfonylurea herbicidesKreisberg, J.F.; Ong, N.T.; Krishna, A.; Joseph, T.L.; Wang, J.; Ong, C.; Ooi, H.A.; Sung, J.C.; Siew, C.C.; Chang, G.C.; Biot, F.; Cuccui, J.; Wren, B.W.; Chan, J.; Sivalingam, S.P.; Zhang, L.-H.; Verma, C. ; Tan, P. 
30-Apr-2014Molecular rotors as conditionally fluorescent labels for rapid detection of biomolecular interactionsGoh, W.L.; Lee, M.Y.; Joseph, T.L.; Quah, S.T.; Brown, C.J.; Verma, C. ; Brenner, S.; Ghadessy, F.J.; Teo, Y.N.
1-Feb-2013On the interaction mechanisms of a p53 peptide and nutlin with the MDM2 and MDMX proteins: A Brownian dynamics studyElSawy, K.M.; Verma, C.S. ; Joseph, T.L.; Lane, D.P.; Twarock, R.; Caves, L.S.D.
31-Aug-2012Stapled BH3 Peptides against MCL-1: Mechanism and Design Using Atomistic SimulationsJoseph, T.L.; Lane, D.P.; Verma, C.S. 
15-Mar-2013Stapled peptides with improved potency and specificity that activate p53Brown, C.J.; Quah, S.T.; Jong, J.; Goh, A.M.; Chiam, P.C.; Khoo, K.H.; Choong, M.L.; Lee, M.A.; Yurlova, L.; Zolghadr, K.; Joseph, T.L.; Verma, C.S. ; Lane, D.P.