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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2007A calculus for stochastic QoS analysisLiu, Y. ; Tham, C.-K. ; Jiang, Y.
1996A novel family of Cys-Cys, His-Cys zinc finger transcription factors expressed in developing nervous system and pituitary glandJiang, Y.; Yu, V.C. ; Buchholz, F.; O'Connell, S.; Rhodes, S.J.; Candeloro, C.; Xia, Y.-R.; Lusis, A.J.; Rosenfeld, M.G.
Aug-2012A Numerical Study on the Convective Heat Transfer Characteristics of Pulsed Impingement DryingJiang, Y.; Xu, P.; Mujumdar, A.S. ; Qiu, S.; Jiang, Z.
2003A Probabilistic Preemptive Scheme for Providing Service Differentiation in OBS NetworksYang, L.; Jiang, Y.; Jiang, S. 
Jan-2011A singular edge-based smoothed finite element method (ES-FEM) for crack analyses in anisotropic mediaChen, L. ; Liu, G.R. ; Jiang, Y.; Zeng, K. ; Zhang, J. 
15-Oct-2011A singular ES-FEM for plastic fracture mechanicsJiang, Y.; Liu, G.R.; Zhang, Y.W.; Chen, L. ; Tay, T.E. 
15-Jun-2012A two-step target binding and selectivity support vector machines approach for virtual screening of dopamine receptor subtype-selective ligandsZhang, J.; Han, B.; Wei, X.; Tan, C.; Chen, Y. ; Jiang, Y.
15-Nov-2002Achieving differentiated services through multi-class probabilistic priority schedulingTham, C.-K. ; Yao, Q.; Jiang, Y.
Jan-2013An edge-based smoothed XFEM for fracture in composite materialsJiang, Y.; Tay, T.E. ; Chen, L.; Sun, X.S. 
Oct-2012Analysis of bypass signaling in EGFR pathway and profiling of bypass genes for predicting response to anticancer EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitorsZhang, J.; Jia, J.; Zhu, F. ; Ma, X. ; Han, B.; Wei, X.; Tan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. 
Jun-1997Apoptosis signaling pathway in T cells is composed of ICE/Ced-3 family proteases and MAP kinase kinase 6bHuang, S.; Jiang, Y.; Li, Z.; Nishida, E.; Mathias, P.; Lin, S. ; Ulevitch, R.J.; Nemerow, G.R.; Han, J.
2013Characteristics of soy sauce powders spray-dried using dairy whey proteins and maltodextrins as drying aidsWang, W.; Jiang, Y.; Zhou, W. 
2001Characterization of newly emerging Newcastle disease virus isolates from the People's Republic of China and TaiwanYu, L.; Wang, Z.; Jiang, Y.; Chang, L.; Kwang, J. 
1996Characterization of the structure and function of a new mitogen- activated protein kinase (p38β)Jiang, Y.; Chen, C. ; Li, Z.; Guo, W.; Gegner, J.A.; Lin, S. ; Han, J.
2001Characterization of three infectious bronchitis virus isolates from China associated with proventriculus in vaccinated chickensYu, L.; Jiang, Y.; Low, S.; Wang, Z.; Nam, S.J.; Liu, W. ; Kwang, J. 
2-Aug-2011Clustered patterns of species origins of nature-derived drugs and clues for future bioprospectingZhu, F. ; Qin, C.; Tao, L.; Liu, X.; Shi, Z.; Ma, X. ; Jia, J.; Tan, Y.; Cui, C.; Lin, J.; Tan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. 
2007CMOS compatible dual metal gate integration with successful vth adjustment on high-k HfTaON by high-temperature metal intermixingRen, C.; Chan, D.S.H. ; Loh, W.Y.; Peng, J.W.; Balakumar, S.; Jiang, Y.; Tung, C.H.; Du, A.Y.; Lo, G.Q.; Kumar, R.; Balasubramanian, N.; Kwong, D.-L.
4-Mar-2002Comment on "spin filtering in a magnetic-electric barrier structure" [Appl. Phys. Lett. 78, 2184 (2001)]Jiang, Y.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Low, T.S. 
22-Apr-2005Conformance analysis in networks with service level agreementsLiu, Y. ; Tham, C.-K. ; Jiang, Y.
Aug-2006Consideration and compensation of calibration falloff for optical flying height measurementYe, H.Y.; Jiang, Y.; Liu, B.; Al Mamun, A.