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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A Co-learning framework for learning user search intents from rule-generated training dataYan, J.; Zheng, Z.; Jiang, L.; Li, Y.; Yan, S. ; Chen, Z.
2006A Hybrid Approach using Set Theory (HAST) for Magnetic Resonance (MR) Image segmentationJiang, L.; Ban, C.K.; Pin, T.B.; Borys, S. ; Wang, S.-C. 
2009An integrated embedded system for car controlJiang, L.; Guo, H.; Wong, W.C. 
2002An internet-based virtual CNC milling systemOng, S.K. ; Jiang, L.; Nee, A.Y.C. 
Jul-2013Challenges of respondent driven sampling to assess sexual behaviour and estimate the prevalence of human immunodefi ciency virus (HIV) and syphilis in men who have sex with men (MSM) in SingaporeChua, A.C.; Chen, M.I.C. ; Cavailler, P.; Jiang, L.; Abdullah, M.R.; Ng, O.T.; Chio, M.; Koe, S.; Tay, J.; Wong, M.L. ; Chan, R.
14-Jul-2013"click-and-click"-hybridised 1,2,3-triazoles supported Cu(i) coordination polymers for azide-alkyne cycloadditionJiang, L.; Wang, Z.; Bai, S.-Q.; Hor, T.S.A. 
27-May-2013Colorimetric detection of mercury ions based on plasmonic nanoparticlesDu, J.; Jiang, L.; Shao, Q.; Liu, X. ; Marks, R.S.; Ma, J.; Chen, X.
2011Concern localization using information retrieval: An empirical study on Linux kernelWang, S.; Lo, D.; Xing, Z. ; Jiang, L.
5-Feb-2014Controlling leakage currents: The role of the binding group and purity of the precursors for self-assembled monolayers in the performance of molecular diodesJiang, L.; Yuan, L.; Cao, L.; Nijhuis, C.A. 
24-Feb-2012Demography's role in sustainable developmentLutz, W.; Butz, W.P.; Castro, M.; Dasgupta, P.; Demeny, P.G.; Ehrlich, I.; Giorguli, S.; Habte, D.; Haug, W.; Hayes, A.; Herrmann, M.; Jiang, L.; King, D.; Kotte, D.; Lees, M.; Makinwa-Adebusoye, P.K.; Mcgranahan, G.; Mishra, V.; Montgomery, M.R.; Riahi, K.; Scherbov, S.; Peng, X.; Yeoh, B. 
24-Mar-2014Dependency of the tunneling decay coefficient in molecular tunneling junctions on the topography of the bottom electrodesYuan, L.; Jiang, L.; Zhang, B.; Nijhuis, C.A. 
13-Jun-2011Design and fabrication of high efficiency power coupler between different photonic crystal waveguidesJia, W.; Deng, J.; Sahadevan, A.M.; Wu, H.; Jiang, L.; Li, X.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Yang, H. ; Danner, A.J. 
2013Dinuclear Cu(ii) 1,2,3-Triazole-Bridged Complex with Ferromagnetic CouplingBai, S.-Q.; Jiang, L.; Zuo, J.-L.; Yan, C.-H.; Hor, T.S.A. 
30-Jan-2001Electroviscous effect on the rheology of a dilute solution of flexible polyelectrolytes in extensional flowJiang, L.; Chen, S.B. 
22-May-2001Electroviscous effects of dilute sodium poly(styrenesulfonate) solutions in simple shear flowJiang, L.; Yang, D.; Chen, S.B. 
28-Oct-2012Facile formation and redox of benzoxazole-2-thiolate-bridged dinuclear Pt(ii/iii) complexesWang, Z.; Jiang, L.; Liu, Z.-P.; Gan, C.R.R.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, X.-H.; Zhao, J. ; Hor, T.S.A. 
2-Dec-2011Folding-promoted TBACl-mediated chemo- and regioselective demethylations of methoxybenzene-based macrocyclic pentamersQin, B.; Jiang, L.; Shen, S.; Sun, C.; Yuan, W.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Zeng, H. 
May-2009Frequent inactivation of RUNX3 by promoter hypermethylation and protein mislocalization in oral squamous cell carcinomasGao, F.; Huang, C.; Lin, M.; Wang, Z.; Shen, J.; Zhang, H. ; Jiang, L.; Chen, Q.
21-Aug-2013Hybrid NS ligands supported Cu(i)/(ii) complexes for azide-alkyne cycloaddition reactionsBai, S.-Q.; Jiang, L.; Zuo, J.-L.; Hor, T.S.A. 
Jun-2006Identification of Bruton tyrosine kinase mutations in 12 Chinese patients with X-linked agammaglobulinaemia by long PCR-direct sequencingChan, K.-W.; Chen, T.; Jiang, L.; Fok, S.F.-S.; Lee, T.-L.; Lee, B.-W. ; Yang, X.; Lau, Y.-L.