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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2008A core Klf circuitry regulates self-renewal of embryonic stem cellsJiang, J.; Chan, Y.-S.; Loh, Y.-H.; Cai, J.; Tong, G.-Q.; Lim, C.-A.; Robson, P.; Zhong, S.; Ng, H.-H. 
2010A discriminative model approach for accurate duplicate bug report retrievalSun, C.; Lo, D.; Wang, X.; Jiang, J.; Khoo, S.-C. 
11-Nov-2010A genome-wide RNAi screen reveals determinants of human embryonic stem cell identityChia, N.-Y.; Chan, Y.-S.; Feng, B.; Lu, X.; Orlov, Y.L.; Moreau, D.; Kumar, P.; Yang, L.; Jiang, J.; Lau, M.-S.; Huss, M.; Soh, B.-S.; Kraus, P.; Li, P.; Lufkin, T.; Lim, B.; Clarke, N.D.; Bard, F.; Ng, H.-H. 
3-Feb-2003A novel Birch reduction of aromatic compounds using aqueous titanium trichloride: Anions of trans-10b,10c-dimethyl-2,7,10b,10c-tetrahydropyreneJiang, J.; Lai, Y.-H. 
Mar-2013Achievable rates for discrete memoryless relay channels with generalised feedbackJiang, J.; Xin, Y. ; Poor, H.V.
6-Feb-2007BLIMP1 regulates cell growth through repression of p53 transcriptionYan, J.; Jiang, J.; Ching, A.L.; Wu, Q.; Ng, H.-H. ; Chin, K.-C.
1998Characteristics of InGaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectorsXu, S.J. ; Chua, S.J. ; Mei, T.; Wang, X.C.; Zhang, X.H.; Karunasiri, G. ; Fan, W.J.; Wang, C.H.; Jiang, J.; Wang, S.; Xie, X.G.
10-May-2011Co3O4 nanowire@MnO2 ultrathin nanosheet core/shell arrays: A new class of high-performance pseudocapacitive materialsLiu, J.; Jiang, J.; Cheng, C.; Li, H.; Zhang, J. ; Gong, H. ; Fan, H.J.
Nov-2011Confucius Computer: Bridging intergenerational communication through illogical and cultural computingKhoo, E.T.; Cheok, A.D. ; Liu, W. ; Hu, X.; Marini, P.; Saksen, V.; Jiang, J.; Duh, H.B.-L. 
7-Aug-2012Controlled growth of SnO 2@Fe 2O 3 double-sided nanocombs as anodes for lithium-ion batteriesZhou, W.; Tay, Y.Y.; Jia, X.; Yau Wai, D.Y.; Jiang, J.; Hoon, H.H.; Yu, T. 
2013Cooperative path planning for UAVs with UAV loss considerationsGao, M.; Jiang, J.; Ming, N.K.; Meng, T.K.; Poh, K.-L. 
2012Do you retweet heath advice on microblogging platforms? The effects of health topic and website design on credibility assessmentJiang, J.; Tong, Y.; Tan, S.S.-L. 
Jun-2007Effects of Cu interdiffusion on the electromigration failure of FM/Cu/FM tri-layers for spin valve read sensorsJiang, J.; Bae, S. ; Kim, S. 
1998Effects of rapid thermal annealing on structure and luminescence of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dotsXu, S.J. ; Wang, X.C.; Chua, S.J. ; Wang, C.H.; Fan, W.J.; Jiang, J.; Xie, X.G.
8-Jul-2011Epitaxial growth of branched α-Fe2O3/SnO 2 nano-heterostructures with improved lithium-ion battery performanceZhou, W.; Cheng, C.; Liu, J.; Tay, Y.Y.; Jiang, J.; Jia, X.; Zhang, J. ; Gong, H. ; Hng, H.H.; Yu, T.; Fan, H.J.
26-Nov-2003Evidence for Homo-Conjugation between Two Revolving 14π-Electron Systems in 10b-Methyl-10c-[2-(10b,10c-dimethyl-10b,10c-dihydropyrenyl)]-10b, 10c-dihydropyreneJiang, J.; Lai, Y.-H. 
15-Mar-2010Fe3O4-Ag nanocomposites for optical limiting: Broad temporal response and low thresholdXing, G.; Jiang, J.; Ying, J.Y.; Ji, W. 
Mar-2011Gender differences in Singaporean Chinese patients with schizophreniaLee, J. ; Jiang, J.; Sim, K.; Tay, J.; Subramaniam, M.; Chong, S.-A.
Apr-2011Growth hormone signaling in human T47D breast cancer cells: Potential role for a growth hormone Receptor-Prolactin receptor complexXu, J.; Zhang, Y.; Berry, P.A.; Jiang, J.; Lobie, P.E. ; Langenheim, J.F.; Chen, W.Y.; Frank, S.J.
18-Apr-2011Hall effect-induced acceleration of electromigration failures in spin valve multilayers under magnetic fieldJiang, J.; Zeng, D.G.; Chung, K.-W.; Kim, J.; Bae, S.