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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2011A 60-GHz 1-V supply band-tunable power amplifier in 65-nm CMOSBi, X.; Guo, Y. ; Brinkhoff, J.; Jia, L.; Wang, L.; Xiong, Y.Z.; Leong, M.S. ; Lin, F.
Aug-2009A novel iterative learning control for product quality control in batch processJia, L.; Shi, J.; Chiu, M. 
Oct-2012Adaptive decentralized PID controllers design using JITL modeling methodologyYang, X.; Jia, L.; Chiu, M.-S. 
2006Adaptive feedback-feedforward control for a class of nonlinear chemical processesJia, L.; Chiu, M.-S. 
Jun-2009Adaptive feedback-feedforward control scheme design based on neuro-fuzzy systemJia, L.; Tao, P.-Y.; Chiu, M.-S. 
Jul-2010Adaptive IMC controller design using linear multiple modelsKansha, Y.; Jia, L.; Chiu, M.-S. 
2008Adaptive IMC design using multiple modelsKansha, Y.; Jia, L.; Chiu, M.-S. 
2008Adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller design for non-affine nonlinear systemsJia, L.; Ge, S.-Z. ; Qiu, M.-S.
Feb-2008Adaptive single-neuron control system design based on fuzzy neural network modelJia, L.; Tao, P.-Y.; Chiu, M.-S. 
2008An analytical adaptive single-neuron compensation control law for nonlinear processJia, L.; Tao, P.-Y.; Chen, G.-B.; Chiu, M.-S. 
2013An integrated iterative learning control strategy with model identification and dynamic R-parameter for batch processesJia, L.; Yang, T.; Chiu, M. 
Jan-2010An iterative learning control algorithm with convergence analysis for batch processesJia, L.; Shi, J.; Chiu, M. 
Sep-2013Analysis on data-based integrated learning control for batch processesJia, L.; Cao, L.; Chiu, M. 
2009Asymmetrical attention allocation to dissimilar and similar attitudesJia, L.; Singh, R. 
2010Batch-to-batch iterative optimal control of batch processes based on dynamic quadratic criterionJia, L.; Shi, J.; Cheng, D.; Cao, L.; Chiu, M.-S. 
Aug-2013Biocompatibility evaluation of protein-incorporated electrospun polyurethane-based scaffolds with smooth muscle cells for vascular tissue engineeringJia, L.; Prabhakaran, M.P. ; Qin, X.; Kai, D.; Ramakrishna, S. 
2011Data driven- adaptive single neuron predictive controller based on Lyapunov approachJia, L.; Cao, L.; Chiu, M. 
2012Data-driven based integrated learning controller design for batch processesJia, L.; Cao, L.; Chiu, M. 
May-2009Design of adaptive control system based on linearization error modelJia, L.; Tao, P.-Y.; Chiu, M.-S. 
18-Oct-2013Design of integrated iterative learning control for batch processes based on online model modificationJia, L.; Yang, T.; Chiu, M.