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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2008A support vector machines approach for virtual screening of active compounds of single and multiple mechanisms from large libraries at an improved hit-rate and enrichment factorHan, L.Y. ; Ma, X.H. ; Lin, H.H.; Jia, J.; Zhu, F. ; Xue, Y.; Li, Z.R.; Cao, Z.W.; Ji, Z.L.; Chen, Y.Z. 
Jul-2007Adaptive load distribution strategies for divisible load processing on resource unaware multilevel tree networksJia, J.; Veeravalli, B. ; Ghose, D.
Oct-2012Analysis of bypass signaling in EGFR pathway and profiling of bypass genes for predicting response to anticancer EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitorsZhang, J.; Jia, J.; Zhu, F. ; Ma, X. ; Han, B.; Wei, X.; Tan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. 
Jul-2009Baseline characteristics and early on-treatment response predict the outcomes of 2 years of telbivudine treatment of chronic hepatitis BZeuzem, S.; Gane, E.; Liaw, Y.-F.; Lim, S.G. ; DiBisceglie, A.; Buti, M.; Chutaputti, A.; Rasenack, J.; Hou, J.; O'Brien, C.; Nguyen, T.T.; Jia, J.; Poynard, T.; Belanger, B.; Bao, W.; Naoumov, N.V.
2-Aug-2011Clustered patterns of species origins of nature-derived drugs and clues for future bioprospectingZhu, F. ; Qin, C.; Tao, L.; Liu, X.; Shi, Z.; Ma, X. ; Jia, J.; Tan, Y.; Cui, C.; Lin, J.; Tan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. 
Feb-2012Combinatorial support vector machines approach for virtual screening of selective multi-target serotonin reuptake inhibitors from large compound librariesShi, Z.; Ma, X.H. ; Qin, C.; Jia, J.; Jiang, Y.Y.; Tan, C.Y.; Chen, Y.Z. 
2009Comparative analysis of machine learning methods in ligand-based virtual screening of large compound librariesMa, X.H.; Jia, J.; Zhu, F. ; Xue, Y.; Li, Z.R.; Chen, Y.Z.
15-Oct-2007Derivation of stable microarray cancer-differentiating signatures using consensus scoring of multiple random sampling and gene-ranking consistency evaluationZhi, Q.T.; Lian, Y.H.; Hong, H.L.; Cui, J.; Jia, J.; Boon, C.L. ; Bao, W.L. ; Yu, Z.C.
May-2011Effect of training data size and noise level on support vector machines virtual screening of genotoxic compounds from large compound librariesKumar, P.; Ma, X. ; Liu, X.; Jia, J.; Bucong, H.; Xue, Y.; Li, Z.R.; Yang, S.Y.; Wei, Y.Q.; Chen, Y.Z. 
May-2009Genome-scale search of tumor-specific antigens by collective analysis of mutations, expressions and T-cell recognitionJia, J.; Cui, J.; Liu, X.; Han, J. ; Yang, S.; Wei, Y.; Chen, Y.
2010Globally optimized linear windowed tone mappingShan, Q.; Jia, J.; Brown, M.S. 
Feb-2009Handling large-size discrete wavelet transform on network-based computing systems - parallelization via divisible load paradigmChin, T.T.; Veeravalli, B. ; Jia, J.
2009Mechanisms of drug combinations: Interaction and network perspectivesJia, J.; Zhu, F. ; Ma, X. ; Cao, Z.W.; Li, Y.X.; Chen, Y.Z. 
2009Mechanisms of drug combinations: Interaction and network perspectivesJia, J.; Zhu, F. ; Ma, X.; Chen, Y.Z. ; Cao, Z.W.; Li, Y.X.
2006Resource unaware computing - A distributed strategy for divisible load processing on linear daisy chain networksJia, J.; Veeravalli, B. 
Apr-2010Scheduling multisource divisible loads on arbitrary networksJia, J.; Veeravalli, B. ; Weissman, J.
25-Jun-2008Simulation of the regulation of EGFR endocytosis and EGFR-ERK signaling by endophilin-mediated RhoA-EGFR crosstalkUng, C.Y. ; Li, H. ; Ma, X.H. ; Jia, J.; Li, B.W. ; Low, B.C. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
2011Stable and spectrally accurate schemes for the navier-stokes equationsJia, J.; Liu, J. 
Nov-2004Strain-mediated uniform islands in stacked Ge/Si(001) layersXu, M. ; Jeyanthinath, M.; Wang, X.-S. ; Jia, J.; Xue, Q.
Apr-2007Support vector machines approach for predicting druggable proteins: recent progress in its exploration and investigation of its usefulnessHan, L.Y. ; Zheng, C.J. ; Xie, B.; Jia, J.; Ma, X.H. ; Zhu, F. ; Lin, H.H.; Chen, X. ; Chen, Y.Z.