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6-Apr-2005An efficient synthesis of bis(indolyl)methanes catalyzed by recycled acidic ionic liquidGu, D.-G.; Ji, S.-J.; Jiang, Z.-Q.; Zhou, M.-F.; Loh, T.-P. 
17-Jan-2005An environmentally friendly procedure for Mukaiyama aldol and Mukaiyama-Michael reactions using a catalytic amount of DBU under solvent- and metal-free conditionsShen, Z.-L.; Ji, S.-J.; Loh, T.-P. 
10-Mar-2003Asymmetric Mannich-type reactions catalyzed by indium(III) complexes in ionic liquidsChen, S.-L.; Ji, S.-J.; Loh, T.-P. 
26-Mar-2004Efficient FeIII-catalyzed synthesis of bis(indolyl)methanes in ionic liquidsJi, S.-J.; Zhou, M.-F.; Gu, D.-G.; Jiang, Z.-Q.; Loh, T.-P. 
2003Efficient Synthesis of Bis(indolyl)methanes Catalyzed by Lewis Acids in Ionic LiquidsJi, S.-J.; Zhou, M.-F.; Gu, D.-G.; Wang, S.-Y.; Loh, T.-P. 
28-Feb-2005Enantioselective synthesis of homoallylic alcohols via a chiral In(III)-PYBOX complexLu, J.; Hong, M.-L.; Ji, S.-J.; Loh, T.-P. 
2-Apr-2004Facile ionic liquids-promoted one-pot synthesis of polyhydroquinoline derivatives under solvent free conditionsJi, S.-J.; Jiang, Z.-Q.; Lu, J.; Loh, T.-P. 
23-Feb-2004Facile synthesis of bis(indolyl)methanes using catalytic amount of iodine at room temperature under solvent-free conditionsJi, S.-J.; Wang, S.-Y.; Zhang, Y.; Loh, T.-P. 
6-Jan-2005Highly enantioselective allylation of aldehydes catalyzed by indium(III) - PYBOX complexLu, J.; Ji, S.-J.; Teo, Y.-C.; Loh, T.-P. 
18-Feb-2004InCl3-Promoted Allylation of Aldehydes in Ionic Liquid: Scope and Enantioselectivity StudiesLu, J.; Ji, S.-J.; Qian, R.; Chen, J.-P.; Liu, Y.; Loh, T.-P. 
2-Apr-2004Indium trichloride-catalyzed indium-mediated allylation of dihydropyrans and dihydrofurans in waterJuan, S.; Hua, Z.-H.; Qi, S.; Ji, S.-J.; Loh, T.-P. 
5-Jan-2004Mukaiyama aldol reaction using ketene silyl acetals with carbonyl compounds in ionic liquidsChen, S.-L.; Ji, S.-J.; Loh, T.-P. 
17-Oct-2006Synthesis and optical properties of starburst carbazoles based on 9-phenylcarbazole coreFeng, G.-L.; Ji, S.-J.; Lai, W.-Y.; Huang, W. 
25-Sep-2006Synthesis of novel star-shaped carbazole-functionalized triazatruxenesFeng, G.-L.; Lai, W.-Y.; Ji, S.-J.; Huang, W. 
2003The Michael Addition of Indole to α,β-Unsaturated Ketones Catalyzed by Iodine at Room TemperatureWang, S.-Y.; Ji, S.-J.; Loh, T.-P.