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14-May-2012Anomalous phase change characteristics in Fe-Te materialsFu, X.T.; Song, W.D.; Ho, H.W.; Ji, R.; Wang, L.; Hong, M.H. 
Jan-2011Building descriptive and discriminative visual codebook for large-scale image applicationsTian, Q.; Zhang, S.; Zhou, W.; Ji, R.; Ni, B. ; Sebe, N.
Dec-2010Confocal laser endomicroscopy for in vivo diagnosis of gastric intraepithelial neoplasia: A feasibility studyLi, Z.; Yu, T.; Zuo, X.-L.; Gu, X.-M.; Zhou, C.-J.; Ji, R.; Li, C.-Q.; Wang, P.; Zhang, T.-G.; Ho, K.-Y. ; Li, Y.-Q.
2012K-Partite graph reinforcement and its application in multimedia information retrievalGao, Y.; Wang, M.; Ji, R.; Zha, Z. ; Shen, J.
Jul-2011Lubricant pickup under laser irradiationJi, R.; Dao, T.K.L.; Xu, B.X.; Xu, J.W.; Goh, B.L.; Tan, E. ; Xie, H.Q.; Liew, T.
2010Lubricant pickup under laser irradiation conditionJi, R.; Dao, T.K.L.; Xu, B.X.; Xu, J.W.; Goh, B.L.; Tan, E. ; Xie, H.Q.; Liew, T.
2013Stereotime: A wireless 2D and 3D switchable video communication systemYang, Y.; Liu, Q.; Gao, Y.; Xiong, B.; Yu, L.; Luan, H. ; Ji, R.; Tian, Q.
7-Jul-2013Tunnel magnetoresistance effect and interface study in magnetic tunnel junctions using epitaxial Fe2CrSi Heusler alloy electrodeWang, Y.-P.; Han, G.-C.; Lu, H.; Qiu, J.; Yap, Q.-J.; Ji, R.; Teo, K.-L. 
2012View-based 3D object retrieval by bipartite graph matchingWen, Y.; Gao, Y.; Hong, R.; Luan, H. ; Liu, Q.; Shen, J.; Ji, R.
2010Visual tracking via weakly supervised learning from multiple imperfect oraclesZhong, B.; Yao, H.; Chen, S.; Ji, R.; Yuan, X. ; Liu, S.; Gao, W.