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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Calcium and phosphorus metabolism in nephrotic syndromeLim, P.; Jacob, E.; Tock, E.P.C. ; Pwee, H.S.
1984Cholestyramine and phototherapy for neonatal jaundiceTan, K.L. ; Jacob, E.; Liew, D.S.M.; Karim, S.M.M.
1982Comparison of the oral glucose tolerance tests in adults using 50G and 75G glucose loadCheah, J.S. ; Thai, A.C.; Jacob, E.
1989Effect of enteral infusion of hyperosmolar nutrient solution and water on bile formationMath, M.V. ; Yeoh, T.S.; Jacob, E.
1990Effect of ingestion of hyperosmolar and hypoosmolar nutrient solutions on bile flow and bile constituents in cholecystectomised patientsMath, M.V. ; Nambiar, R.M.; Jacob, E.
1981Effect of phototherapy on neonatal fluid and electrolyte statusTan, K.L. ; Jacob, E.
1989Effect of total parenteral nutrition (TPN) on bile formation: relation between TPN infusion rate and bile flowMath, M.V. ; Yeoh, T.S.; Jacob, E.
1985Growth, biochemical and haematological status of very low birth weight premature infantsTan, K.L. ; Jacob, E.; Wong, L.Y.
1989Hyperpolarization and short-circuiting as mechanisms of seizure prevention following febrile convulsionsAiyathurai, E.J.; Low, P.-S. ; Jacob, E.
1987Increase in bile secretion after water ingestion in cholecystectomised patients.Math, M.V. ; LaBrooy, S.J.; Jacob, E.; Ti, T.K.
1979Insulin response to glucose and insulin sensitivity in hypocalcaemic patientsLim, P. ; Ng, C.S.A.; Jacob, E.
1978Magnesium-saving property of an aldosterone antagonist in the treatment of oedema of liver cirrhosisLim, P. ; Jacob, E.
1982Nail calcium, phosphate and magnesium in hyperthyroidismCheah, J.S. ; Jacob, E.; Yeo, P.P.B.
1979Phototherapy and neonatal liver functionTan, K.L. ; Jacob, E.; Chua, K.S.; Woon, K.Y.
1990Pseudomonas pseudomallei and sudden unexplained death in Thai construction workersYap, E.H. ; Chan, Y.C. ; Goh, K.T.; Chao, T.C.; Heng, B.H.; Thong, T.W.; Singh, M. ; Jacob, E.
1976Serum ionized calcium in nephrotic syndromeLim, P. ; Jacob, E.; Chio, L.F.; Pwee, H.S.
Dec-2013Stress myocardial perfusion imaging for the evaluation and triage of chest pain in the emergency department: A randomized controlled trialLim, S.H.; Anantharaman, V.; Sundram, F.; Chan, E.S.-Y.; Ang, E.S.; Yo, S.L.; Jacob, E.; Goh, A.; Tan, S.B. ; Chua, T.
1991Sudden unexplained death syndrome - a new manifestation in melioidosis ?Yap, E.H. ; Chan, Y.C. ; Goh, K.T.; Chao, T.C.; Heng, B.H.; Thong, T.W.; Tan, H.C.; Jacob, E.; Singh, M. 
1982The bronze baby syndromeTan, K.L. ; Jacob, E.
1982The bronze baby syndromeTan, K.L. ; Jacob, E.