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2010Covalent assembly of functional inorganic nanoparticles by "click" chemistry in waterJańczewski, D.; Tomczak, N.; Liu, S. ; Han, M.-Y. ; Vancso, G.J.
10-Jul-2013Cross-linked polyelectrolyte multilayers for marine antifouling applicationsZhu, X.; Jańczewski, D.; Lee, S.S.C. ; Teo, S.L.-M. ; Vancso, G.J.
27-Aug-2013Design and synthesis of polymer-functionalized NIR fluorescent dyes-magnetic nanoparticles for bioimagingYen, S.K.; Jańczewski, D.; Lakshmi, J.L.; Dolmanan, S.B.; Tripathy, S.; Ho, V.H.B.; Vijayaragavan, V.; Hariharan, A.; Padmanabhan, P.; Bhakoo, K.K.; Sudhaharan, T.; Ahmed, S.; Zhang, Y. ; Tamil Selvan, S.
Jan-2009Designer multi-functional comb-polymers for surface engineering of quantum dots on the nanoscaleJańczewski, D.; Tomczak, N.; Khin, Y.W.; Han, M.-Y. ; Julius Vancso, G.
May-2009Designer polymer-quantum dot architecturesTomczak, N.; Jańczewski, D.; Han, M. ; Vancso, G.J.
2012Enabling biomedical research with designer quantum dotsTomczak, N.; Jańczewski, D.; Dorokhin, D.; Han, M.-Y. ; Vancso, G.J.
14-May-2011Fabrication and responsive behaviour of Quantum Dot/PNIPAM micropatterns obtained by template copolymerization in waterJańczewski, D.; Tomczak, N.; Song, J.; Long, H.; Han, M.-Y. ; Vancso, G.J.
1-Jul-2011Influence of the length and grafting density of PNIPAM chains on the colloidal and optical properties of quantum dot/PNIPAM assembliesTagit, O.; Tomczak, N.; Jafarpour, A.; Jańczewski, D.; Han, M.Y. ; Vancso, G.J.; Herek, J.L.
Jul-2009Introduction of Quantum Dots into PNIPAM microspheres by precipitation polymerization above LCSTJańczewski, D.; Tomczak, N.; Han, M.-Y. ; Vancso, G.J.
14-Jan-2014Multilayers of fluorinated amphiphilic polyions for marine fouling preventionZhu, X.; Guo, S.; Jańczewski, D.; Parra Velandia, F.J.; Teo, S.L.-M. ; Vancso, G.J.
Jul-2010Nanostructured thermoresponsive quantum dot/PNIPAM assembliesTagit, O.; Jańczewski, D.; Tomczak, N.; Han, M.Y. ; Herek, J.L.; Vancso, G.J.
24-Mar-2009Stimulus responsive PNIPAM/QD hybrid microspheres by copolymerization with surface engineered QDsJańczewski, D.; Tomczak, N.; Han, M.-Y. ; Vancso, G.J.
Oct-2011Synthesis of functionalized amphiphilic polymers for coating quantum dotsJańczewski, D.; Tomczak, N.; Han, M.-Y. ; Vancso, G.J.