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May-2012Cotransplantation of Ex Vivo Expanded and Unexpanded Cord Blood Units in Immunodeficient Mice Using Insulin Growth Factor Binding Protein-2-Augmented Mesenchymal Cell CoculturesOng, L.M.; Fan, X.; Chu, P.P.Y.; Gay, F.P.H.; Bari, S.; Ang, J.M.L.; Li, Z.; Chen, J.; Lim, S.K.; Bunte, R.M. ; Hwang, W.Y.K.
May-2008Electrospun nanofiber scaffolds for rapid and rich capture of bone marrow-derived hematopoietic stem cellsMa, K.; Chan, C.K. ; Liao, S. ; Hwang, W.Y.K.; Feng, Q.; Ramakrishna, S. 
Dec-2010Hematopoietic SCT activity in Asia: A report from the Asia-Pacific Blood and Marrow Transplantation GroupYoshimi, A.; Suzuki, R.; Atsuta, Y.; Iida, M.; Lu, D.-P.; Tong, W.; Ghavamzadeh, A.; Alimoghaddam, K.; Lie, A.K.W.; Liang, R.; Chan, L.L.; Haipeng, L.; Tan, P.-L. ; Hwang, W.Y.K.; Chiou, T.-J.; Chen, P.-M.; Van Binh, T.; Minh, N.N.; Min, C.-K.; Hwang, T.J.; Kodera, Y.
2007Impact of Postgrafting Immunosuppressive Regimens on Nonrelapse Mortality and Survival after Nonmyeloablative Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Using the Fludarabine and Low-Dose Total-Body Irradiation 200-cGyKoh, L.-P.; Hwang, W.Y.K.; Linn, Y.-C.; Koh, M.B.C.; Goh, Y.-T.; Ng, H.-J.; Loh, Y.S.M.; Tan, D.C.L.; Ng, H.-Y.; Tan, K.-W.; Chen, C.-S. ; Tan, L.-K.; Tan, B.; Lim, S. ; Lee, Y.-M.; Liu, T.-C.; Mow, B.M.F.; Tai, B.-C. ; Tan, P.H.C.
Oct-2012Intercellular cytosolic transfer correlates with mesenchymal stromal cell rescue of umbilical cord blood cell viability during ex vivo expansionChu, P.P.Y.; Bari, S.; Fan, X.; Gay, F.P.H.; Ang, J.M.L.; Chiu, G.N.C. ; Lim, S.K.; Hwang, W.Y.K.
2007Long-term follow-up of Asian patients younger than 46 years with acute myeloid leukemia in first complete remission: Comparison of allogeneic vs. autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantationLoh, Y.S.M.; Koh, L.P.; Hwang, W.Y.K.; Linn, Y.C.; Goh, Y.T.; Tai, B.C. ; Tan, P.H.C.
Nov-2013Protective role of functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes enhance ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in human umbilical cord bloodBari, S.; Chu, P.P.Y.; Lim, A.; Fan, X.; Gay, F.P.H.; Bunte, R.M. ; Lim, T.K.H.; Li, S.; Chiu, G.N.C. ; Hwang, W.Y.K.
2004Unrelated Peripheral Blood and Cord Blood Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants for Thalassemia MajorTan, P.H.-C.; Hwang, W.Y.K.; Goh, Y.T.; Koh, L.P.; Tan, C.H.; Tan, P.L.; Quah, T.C.