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2012An application of narx-network to reduce contour errorsHuo, F.; Chen, P.C.-Y. ; Poo, A.-N. 
2010Effect of servo control frequency on contour errors in a bi-axial CNC machineHuo, F.; Xi, X.; Poo, A. 
Mar-2011Experimental implementation of Taylor series expansion error compensation on a bi-axial CNC machineXi, X.-C.; Poo, A.-N. ; Hong, G.-S. ; Huo, F.
2012Free-form two-dimensional contour error estimation based on NURBS interpolationHuo, F.; Poo, A.-N. 
2012Generalized cross-coupled control for contour error reductionHuo, F.; Poo, A.-N. 
Feb-2012Generalized Taylor series expansion for free-form two-dimensional contour error compensationHuo, F.; Xi, X.-C.; Poo, A.-N. 
Apr-2012Imparting functionality to a metal-organic framework material by controlled nanoparticle encapsulationLu, G.; Li, S.; Guo, Z.; Farha, O.K.; Hauser, B.G.; Qi, X.; Wang, Y.; Wang, X.; Han, S.; Liu, X. ; Duchene, J.S.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, Q.; Chen, X.; Ma, J.; Loo, S.C.J.; Wei, W.D.; Yang, Y.; Hupp, J.T.; Huo, F.
Dec-2012Improving contouring accuracy by using generalized cross-coupled controlHuo, F.; Poo, A.-N. 
2013Nonlinear autoregressive network with exogenous inputs based contour error reduction in CNC machinesHuo, F.; Poo, A.-N. 
Jan-2013Precision contouring control of machine toolsHuo, F.; Poo, A.-N. 
2013Tuning metal-carboxylate coordination in crystalline metal-organic frameworks through surfactant mediaGao, J.; Ye, K.; He, M.; Xiong, W.-W.; Cao, W.; Lee, Z.Y.; Wang, Y.; Wu, T.; Huo, F.; Liu, X. ; Zhang, Q.