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2014Achieving value for money: An analytic review of studies on public-private partnershipsPeng W.; Cui Q.; Lu Y. ; Huang L.
2010Characterization of notch1 antibodies that inhibit signaling of both normal and mutated notch1 receptorsAste-Am閦aga M.; Zhang N.; Lineberger J.E.; Arnold B.A.; Toner T.J.; Gu M.; Huang L.; Vitelli S.; Vo K.T.; Haytko P.; Zhao J.Z.; Baleydier F.; L'Heureux S.; Wang H.; Gordon W.R.; Thoryk E.; Andrawes M.B.; Tiyanont K.; Stegmaier K.; Roti G.; Ross K.N.; Franlin L.L.; Wang H.; Wang F.; Chastain M.; Bett A.J.; Audoly L.P. ; Aster J.C.; Blacklow S.C.; Huber H.E.
2015Docetaxel-Loaded Nanoparticles of Dendritic Amphiphilic Block Copolymer H40-PLA- B -TPGS for Cancer TreatmentZeng X.; Tao W.; Wang Z.; Zhang X.; Zhu H.; Wu Y.; Gao Y.; Liu K.; Jiang Y.; Huang L.; Mei L.; Feng S.-S. 
2015Expression of circulating miR-486 and miR-150 in patients with acute myocardial infarctionZhang R. ; Lan C.; Pei H.; Duan G.; Huang L.; Li L.
2011MicroRNA-145 regulates human corneal epithelial differentiationLee S.K.-W.; Teng Y.; Wong H.-K.; Ng T.-K.; Huang L.; Lei P.; Choy K.-W.; Liu Y.; Zhang M.; Lam D.S.-C.; Yam G.H.-F. ; Pang C.-P.
2016Nonlinear spectral and lifetime management in upconversion nanoparticles by controlling energy distributionWang Y.; Deng R. ; Xie X. ; Huang L.; Liu X. 
2010Reduced body weight and increased energy expenditure in transgenic mice over-expressing soluble leptin receptorLou P.-H.; Yang G.; Huang L.; Cui Y.; Pourbahrami T.; Radda G.K.; Li C.; Han W. 
2018Surface-Driven High-Pressure ProcessingGubbins K.E.; Gu K.; Huang L.; Long Y. ; Mansell J.M.; Santiso E.E.; Shi K.; S´liwin´ ska-Bartkowiak M; Srivastava D.