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2017Chemically induced large-gap quantum anomalous Hall insulator states in III-Bi honeycombsCrisostomo, C.P; Huang, Z.-Q; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C; Lin, H ; Bansil, A
2014Hydrogenated ultra-thin tin films predicted as two-dimensional topological insulatorsChou, B.-H; Huang, Z.-Q; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C; Liu, Y.-T ; Lin, H ; Bansil, A 
2015Predicted Growth of Two-Dimensional Topological Insulator Thin Films of III-V Compounds on Si(111) SubstrateYao, L.-Z ; Crisostomo, C.P; Yeh, C.-C; Lai, S.-M; Huang, Z.-Q; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C; Lin, H ; Bansil, A 
2018Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in MBi and MSb (M:Ti, Zr, and Hf) HoneycombsHuang, Z.-Q; Chen, W.-C; Macam, G.M; Crisostomo, C.P; Huang, S.-M; Chen, R.-B; Albao, M.A; Jang, D.-J; Lin, H ; Chuang, F.-C
2016Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator in half-fluorinated GaBi HoneycombChen, S.-P; Huang, Z.-Q; Crisostomo, C.P; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C; Lin, H ; Bansil, A 
2014Strain driven topological phase transitions in atomically thin films of group IV and v elements in the honeycomb structuresHuang, Z.-Q; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C ; Liu, Y.-T ; Lin, H ; Su, W.-S; Ozolins, V; Bansil, A 
2016Two-dimensional Topological Crystalline Insulator Phase in Sb/Bi Planar Honeycomb with Tunable Dirac GapHsu, C.-H ; Huang, Z.-Q; Crisostomo, C.P; Yao, L.-Z ; Chuang, F.-C ; Liu, Y.-T ; Wang, B ; Hsu, C.-H ; Lee, C.-C ; Lin, H ; Bansil, A