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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A compressed domain distortion measure for fast video transcodingHuang, Y.; Tran, A.V. ; Wang, Y. 
2014A decomposition method to analyze the performance of frame bridge based automated container terminalHu, H.; Huang, Y.; Zhen, L.; Lee, B.K.; Lee, L.H. ; Chew, E.P. 
2008A fast total variation minimization method for image restorationHuang, Y.; Ng, M.K.; Wen, Y.-W. 
2008A framework for reducing ink-bleed in old documentsHuang, Y.; Brown, M.S. ; Xu, D.
Dec-2009A genetic pathway composed of Sox14 and Mical governs severing of dendrites during pruningKirilly, D.; Gu, Y.; Huang, Y.; Wu, Z.; Bashirullah, A.; Low, B.C. ; Kolodkin, A.L.; Wang, H. ; Yu, F. 
2013A novel graphene-polysulfide anode material for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesAi, W.; Xie, L.; Du, Z.; Zeng, Z.; Liu, J.; Zhang, H.; Huang, Y.; Huang, W.; Yu, T. 
1-Jul-2013A simple strategy for heritable chromosomal deletions in zebrafish via the combinatorial action of targeting nucleasesLim, S.; Wang, Y.; Yu, X.; Huang, Y.; Featherstone, M.S.; Sampath, K. 
2007A workload prediction model for decoding mpeg video and its application to workload-scalable transcodingHuang, Y.; Tran, A.V. ; Wang, Y. 
2000Airborne bacteria and fungal spores in the indoor environment. A case study in SingaporeGoh, I.; Obbard, J.P. ; Viswanathan, S. ; Huang, Y.
9-Dec-2009Alignment controlled growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes on quartz substratesXiao, J.; Dunham, S.; Liu, P.; Zhang, Y. ; Kocabas, C.; Moh, L.; Huang, Y.; Hwang, K.-C.; Lu, C.; Huang, W.; Rogers, J.A.
30-Mar-2008An alternating Crank-Nicolson method for the numerical solution of the phase-field equations using adaptive moving meshesTan, Z. ; Huang, Y.
2013An innovative way of etching MoS2: Characterization and mechanistic investigationHuang, Y.; Wu, J.; Xu, X. ; Ho, Y.; Ni, G.; Zou, Q.; Koon, G.K.W.; Zhao, W.; Castro Neto, A.H. ; Eda, G. ; Shen, C.; Özyilmaz, B. 
2008Automating knowledge acquisition for constraint-based product configurationHuang, Y.; Liu, H.; Ng, W.K.; Lu, W. ; Song, B.; Li, X.
26-Nov-2013Biodegradable broad-spectrum antimicrobial polycarbonates: Investigating the role of chemical structure on activity and selectivityChin, W.; Yang, C.; Ng, V.W.L.; Huang, Y.; Cheng, J.; Tong, Y.W. ; Coady, D.J.; Fan, W.; Hedrick, J.L.; Yang, Y.Y.
7-Jan-2013Broad-spectrum antimicrobial and biofilm-disrupting hydrogels: Stereocomplex-driven supramolecular assembliesLi, Y.; Fukushima, K.; Coady, D.J.; Engler, A.C.; Liu, S.; Huang, Y.; Cho, J.S.; Guo, Y.; Miller, L.S.; Tan, J.P.K.; Ee, P.L.R. ; Fan, W.; Yang, Y.Y.; Hedrick, J.L.
2009Broadband dual frequency sleeve monopole antenna for DTV/GSM applicationsZhou, S.; Guo, J. ; Huang, Y.; Liu, Q.
15-May-2008Buckling of a stiff thin film on a compliant substrate in large deformationSong, J.; Jiang, H.; Liu, Z.J.; Khang, D.Y.; Huang, Y.; Rogers, J.A.; Lu, C.; Koh, C.G. 
20-May-2010CO2-Induced microstructure transition of surfactant in aqueous solution: Insight from molecular dynamics simulationZhuo, S.; Huang, Y.; Peng, C.; Liu, H.; Hu, Y.; Jiang, J. 
29-Sep-2011Cobalt redox mediators for ruthenium-based dye-sensitized solar cells: A combined impedance spectroscopy and near-IR transmittance studyLiu, Y.; Jennings, J.R. ; Huang, Y.; Wang, Q. ; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätze, M.
Nov-2012Comparing contractile apparatus-driven cytokinesis mechanisms across kingdomsBalasubramanian, M.K.; Srinivasan, R. ; Huang, Y.; Ng, K.-H.