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2016A chromosome-level genome assembly of the Asian arowana, Scleropages formosusLi, J; Bian, C; Hu, Y; Mu, X; Shen, X; Ravi, V; Kuznetsova, I.S; Sun, Y; You, X; Qiu, Y; Zhang, X; Yu, H; Huang, Y; Xu, P; Gu, R; Xu, J; Orbán, L; Venkatesh, B ; Shi, Q
2017A low-frequency chip-scale optomechanical oscillator with 58 kHz mechanical stiffening and more than 100th-order stable harmonicsHuang, Y; Flores, J.G.F; Cai, Z; Yu, M; Kwong, D.-L ; Wen, G; Churchill, L; Wong, C.W
2017Amplifying the signal of localized surface plasmon resonance sensing for the sensitive detection of EscherichiaSong, L; Zhang, L ; Huang, Y; Chen, L; Zhang, G; Shen, Z; Zhang, J; Xiao, Z; Chen, T
2004Anthropogenic impacts on the sediment flux in the dry-hot valleys of southwest China�an example of the longchuan riverZhou, Y.; Lu, XX ; Huang, Y; Zhu, Y.M.
2018Defects controlled hole doping and multivalley transport in SnSe single crystalsWang, Z; Fan, C; Shen, Z; Hua, C; Hu, Q; Sheng, F; Lu, Y; Fang, H; Qiu, Z ; Lu, J ; Liu, Z; Liu, W; Huang, Y; Xu, Z.-A; Shen, D.W; Zheng, Y
2018Electronic properties of atomically thin MoS2 layers grown by physical vapour deposition: Band structure and energy level alignment at layer/substrate interfacesBussolotti, F; Chai, J; Yang, M; Kawai, H; Zhang, Z; Wang, S ; Wong, S.L; Manzano, C; Huang, Y; Chi, D; Goh, K.E.J 
2018Hi-Fi stake piezo single crystal actuatorHuang, Y; Zhang, S; Wang, P; Xia, Y.X; Lin, D.H; Yao, K ; Lim, L.-C
2014Hybrid fNIRS-EEG based classification of auditory and visual perception processesPutze, F; Hesslinger, S; Tse, C.-Y ; Huang, Y; Herff, C; Guan, C ; Schultz, T
2016Laquinimod rescues striatal, cortical and white matter pathology and results in modest behavioural improvements in the YAC128 model of Huntington diseaseGarcia-Miralles, M; Hong, X; Tan, L.J; Caron, N.S; Huang, Y; To, X.V; Lin, R.Y; Franciosi, S; Papapetropoulos, S; Hayardeny, L; Hayden, M.R ; Chuang, K.-H; Pouladi, M.A 
2016Large-scale production of foot-and-mouth disease virus (serotype Asia1) VLP vaccine in Escherichia coli and protection potency evaluation in cattleXiao, Y; Chen, H.-Y ; Wang, Y; Yin, B ; Lv, C; Mo, X ; Yan, H; Xuan, Y; Huang, Y; Pang, W; Li, X; Yuan, Y.A ; Tian, K.
2014Proton pump inhibitors: Are we still prescribing them without valid indications?Akram, F ; Huang, Y; Lim, V; Huggan, P.J; Merchant, R.A 
2018Radiopaque Fully Degradable Nanocomposites for Coronary StentsAng, H.Y; Toong, D; Chow, W.S; Seisilya, W; Wu, W; Wong, P; Venkatraman, S.S; Foin, N ; Huang, Y
1-Jan-2019The efficient faradaic Li <inf>4</inf> Ti <inf>5</inf> O <inf>12</inf> @C electrode exceeds the membrane capacitive desalination performanceGuo, L; Kong, D; Pam, ME; Huang, S; Ding, M; Shang, Y; Gu, C ; Huang, Y; Yang, HY
2018The impact of comorbidity on overall survival in elderly nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients: a National Cancer Data Base analysisHuang, Y; Chen, W; Haque, W; Verma, V; Xing, Y; Teh, B.S ; Brian Butler, E
2018The unusual flagellar-targeting mechanism and functions of the trypanosome ortholog of the ciliary GTPase Arl13bZhang, Y ; Huang, Y; Srivathsan, A ; Lim, T.K ; Lin, Q ; He, C.Y 
2018Topical delivery of senicapoc nanoliposomal formulation for ocular surface treatmentsPhua, J.L; Hou, A ; Lui, Y.S; Bose, T; Chandy, G.K; Tong, L ; Venkatraman, S; Huang, Y
2017Tyrosine kinase c-Abl regulates the survival of plasma cellsLi, Y.-F; Xu, S ; Huang, Y; Ou, X; Lam, K.-P