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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A novel interconnect material for SOFCsLiu, Z.; Dong, D.; Huang, X.; Lü, Z.; Sui, Y.; Wang, X.; Miao, J.; Shen, Z.X. ; Su, W.
Jul-2011A role for phosphatidic acid in the formation of "supersized" Lipid dropletsFei, W.; Shui, G. ; Zhang, Y.; Krahmer, N.; Ferguson, C.; Kapterian, T.S.; Lin, R.C.; Dawes, I.W.; Brown, A.J.; Li, P.; Huang, X.; Parton, R.G.; Wenk, M.R.; Walther, T.C.; Yang, H.
Jan-2006Activity-based fingerprinting of proteasesSrinivasan, R.; Huang, X.; Ng, S.L.; Yao, S.Q. 
24-Mar-2003Activity-based fluorescent probes that target phosphatasesZhu, Q. ; Huang, X.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
18-Nov-2011Anthracene-fused BODIPYs as near-infrared dyes with high photostabilityZeng, L.; Jiao, C.; Huang, X.; Huang, K.-W.; Chin, W.-S. ; Wu, J. 
2004Application of microarrays in high-throughput enzymatic profilingUttamchandani, M. ; Huang, X.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Tan, L.-P. ; Yao, S.Q. 
2011Assemblathon 1: A competitive assessment of de novo short read assembly methodsEarl, D.; Bradnam, K.; St. John, J.; Darling, A.; Lin, D.; Fass, J.; Yu, H.O.K.; Buffalo, V.; Zerbino, D.R.; Diekhans, M.; Nguyen, N.; Ariyaratne, P.N.; Sung, W.-K. ; Ning, Z.; Haimel, M.; Simpson, J.T.; Fonseca, N.A.; Birol, I.; Docking, T.R.; Ho, I.Y.; Rokhsar, D.S.; Chikhi, R.; Lavenier, D.; Chapuis, G.; Naquin, D.; Maillet, N.; Schatz, M.C.; Kelley, D.R.; Phillippy, A.M.; Koren, S.; Yang, S.-P.; Wu, W.; Chou, W.-C.; Srivastava, A.; Shaw, T.I.; Ruby, J.G.; Skewes-Cox, P.; Betegon, M.; Dimon, M.T.; Solovyev, V.; Seledtsov, I.; Kosarev, P.; Vorobyev, D.; Ramirez-Gonzalez, R.; Leggett, R.; MacLean, D.; Xia, F.; Luo, R.; Li, Z.; Xie, Y.; Liu, B.; Gnerre, S.; MacCallum, I.; Przybylski, D.; Ribeiro, F.J.; Sharpe, T.; Hall, G.; Kersey, P.J.; Durbin, R.; Jackman, S.D.; Chapman, J.A.; Huang, X.; DeRisi, J.L.; Caccamo, M.; Li, Y.; Jaffe, D.B.; Green, R.E.; Haussler, D.; Korf, I.; Paten, B.
18-Mar-2009Characterization and catalytic application of highly dispersed manganese oxides supported on activated carbonTang, Q.; Huang, X.; Chen, Y.; Liu, T. ; Yang, Y.
19-Jan-2004Design and synthesis of fluorogenic substrates that target protein phosphatasesZhu, Q. ; Huang, X.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
10-Nov-2004Developing photoactive affinity probes for proteomic profiling: Hydroxamate-based probes for metalloproteasesChan, E.W.S.; Chattopadhaya, S.; Panicker, R.C.; Huang, X.; Yao, S.Q. 
7-Jan-2013Enhancing solar cell efficiency: The search for luminescent materials as spectral convertersHuang, X.; Han, S.; Huang, W.; Liu, X. 
2012Finding a single lanthanide ion through upconversionHuang, X.; Liu, X. 
2012Highly (111)-orientated BiFeO 3 thin film deposited on La 0.67Sr 0.33MnO 3 buffered Pt/TiO 2/SiO 2/Si (100) substrateKe, Q.; Lu, W.; Huang, X.; Wang, J. 
Feb-2012Inducible and repressable oncogene-addicted hepatocellular carcinoma in Tet-on xmrk transgenic zebrafishLi, Z. ; Huang, X.; Zhan, H. ; Zeng, Z. ; Li, C.; Spitsbergen, J.M.; Meierjohann, S.; Schartl, M.; Gong, Z. 
15-Sep-2005Influence of nonmagnetic Al ions on magnetoresistance of double-perovskite Sr 2Fe 1-xAl xMoO 6 (0≤x≤0.30)Sui, Y.; Wang, X.; Cheng, J.; Liu, Z.; Miao, J.; Huang, X.; Lu, Z.; Qian, Z.; Su, W.; Tang, J.; Ong, C.K. 
8-Aug-2007Inherent-opening-controlled pattern formation in carbon nanotube arraysHuang, X.; Zhou, J.J.; Sansom, E.; Gharib, M.; Haur, S.C. 
23-Dec-2011Intramolecular domino electrophilic and thermal cyclization of peri-ethynylene naphthalene oligomersHuang, X.; Zeng, L.; Zeng, Z.; Wu, J. 
2013Investigation of bias radiation effect on PV cell measurementHuang, X.; Quan, C. ; Chan, J.; Ng, P.
Jan-2012Liver tumor models in transgenic zebrafish: An alternative in vivo approach to study hepatocarcinogenesHuang, X.; Zhou, L.; Gong, Z. 
Oct-2013Medaka haploid embryonic stem cells are susceptible to Singapore grouper iridovirus as well as to other viruses of aquaculture fish speciesYuan, Y.; Huang, X.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, Y.; Huang, Y.; Qin, Q.; Hong, Y.