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2013A low-power Low-VDD nonvolatile latch using spin transfer torque MRAMHuang, K.; Lian, Y. 
2012Cognitive energy harvesting and transmission from a network perspectiveLee, S.; Huang, K.; Zhang, R. 
2011Cooperative feedback for MIMO interference channelsHuang, K.; Zhang, R. 
Feb-2011Cooperative feedback for multiantenna cognitive radio networksHuang, K.; Zhang, R. 
Mar-2012Cooperative precoding with limited feedback for MIMO interference channelsHuang, K.; Zhang, R. 
Jun-2013Creation of a longitudinally polarized subwavelength hotspot with an ultra-thin planar lens: Vectorial Rayleigh-Sommerfeld methodYe, H.; Qiu, C.-W. ; Huang, K.; Teng, J.; Luk'Yanchuk, B.; Yeo, S.P. 
1-Feb-2014Creation of vectorial bottle-hollow beam using radially or azimuthally polarized lightYe, H.; Wan, C.; Huang, K.; Han, T.; Teng, J.; Ping, Y.S. ; Qiu, C.-W.
Jul-2010Establishment of an H6N2 influenza virus lineage in domestic ducks in southern ChinaHuang, K.; Bahl, J. ; Fan, X.H.; Vijaykrishna, D. ; Cheung, C.L.; Webby, R.J.; Webster, R.G.; Chen, H.; Smith, G.J.D. ; Peiris, J.S.M.; Guan, Y.
2011Heat exchanger network synthesis with non-isothermal mixing using a stagewise superstructureHuang, K.; Almutairi, E.; Karimi, I.A. 
2013Opportunistic wireless energy harvesting in cognitive radio networksLee, S.; Zhang, R. ; Huang, K.
2014Optimization scheme to minimize reference resistance distribution of spin-transfer-torque MRAMHuang, K.; Ning, N.; Lian, Y. 
Jan-2014Optimization-free superoscillatory lens using phase and amplitude masksHuang, K.; Ye, H.; Teng, J.; Yeo, S.P. ; Luk'yanchuk, B.; Qiu, C.-W. 
2011The effect of short term experience on peoples' thermal perceptionSong, J.F.; Wong, N.H. ; Huang, K.
2013Upconverting fluorescent nanoparticles for biodetection and photoactivationHuang, K.; Li, W.; Jayakumar, M.K.G.; Zhang, Y. 
2011Ventilation comfort chart for semi-outdoor spaces in the tropicsSong, J.F.; Wong, N.H. ; Huang, K.