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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2013A SALL4/MLL/HOXA9 pathway in murine and human myeloid leukemogenesisLi, A.; Yang, Y.; Gao, C.; Lu, J.; Jeong, H.-W.; Liu, B.H. ; Tang, P.; Yao, X.; Neuberg, D.; Huang, G.; Tenen, D.G.; Chai, L.
2010Accelerated Leukemogenesis by Truncated CBFβ-SMMHC Defective in High-Affinity Binding with RUNX1Kamikubo, Y.; Zhao, L.; Hyde, R.K.; Kundu, M.; Compton, S.; Liu, P.P.; Garrett, L.; Wunderlich, M.; Mulloy, J.C.; Corpora, T.; Wolff, L.; Bushweller, J.; Paul, T.A.; Huang, G.; Ito, Y. 
2000Application of lipid as emulsifier in the solvent evaporation technique in fabrication of polymeric nanospheres for controlled release of Taxol®Huang, G.; Feng, S. 
2010CARM1 is required for proper control of proliferation and differentiation of pulmonary epithelial cellsO'Brien, K.B.; Alberich-Jorda, M.; DiRuscio, A.; Ebralidze, A.; Tenen, D.G. ; Yadav, N.; Kocher, O.; Levantini, E.; Sng, N.J.L.; Bhasin, M.; Kobayashi, S.; Caron, T.; Rodig, S.J.; Kim, D.; Bedford, M.T.; Steidl, U.; Huang, G.; Halmos, B.
15-Oct-2014Cationic surfactant-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of few-layer molybdenum disulfide/graphene composites: Microstructure and electrochemical lithium storageMa, L.; Huang, G.; Chen, W.; Wang, Z.; Ye, J.; Li, H.; Chen, D.; Lee, J.Y. 
14-Feb-2013CTAB-assisted synthesis of single-layer MoS2-graphene composites as anode materials of Li-ion batteriesWang, Z.; Chen, T.; Chen, W.; Chang, K.; Ma, L.; Huang, G.; Chen, D.; Lee, J.Y. 
30-Jan-2013Cyclic AMP Responsive Element Binding Proteins Are Involved in 'Emergency' Granulopoiesis through the Upregulation of CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Protein βHirai, H.; Kamio, N.; Huang, G.; Matsusue, A.; Ogino, S.; Kimura, N.; Satake, S.; Ashihara, E.; Imanishi, J.; Tenen, D.G. ; Maekawa, T.
13-Mar-2014Downregulation of RUNX1/CBFβ by MLL fusion proteins enhances hematopoietic stem cell self-renewalZhao, X.; Chen, A.; Yan, X.; Zhang, Y.; He, F.; Hayashi, Y.; Dong, Y.; Rao, Y.; Li, B.; Conway, R.M.; Maiques-Diaz, A.; Elf, S.E.; Huang, N.; Zuber, J.; Xiao, Z.; Tse, W.; Tenen, D.G. ; Wang, Q.; Chen, W.; Mulloy, J.C.; Nimer, S.D.; Huang, G.
12-Mar-2001Effects of emulsifiers on the controlled release of paclitaxel (Taxol®) from nanospheres of biodegradable polymersFeng, S.-S. ; Huang, G.
30-May-2013EZH2 overexpression in natural killer/T-cell lymphoma confers growth advantage independently of histone methyltransferase activity.Yan, J. ; Ng, S.B.; Tay, J.L.; Lin, B.; Koh, T.L.; Tan, J.; Selvarajan, V.; Liu, S.C.; Bi, C.; Wang, S.; Choo, S.N.; Shimizu, N.; Huang, G.; Yu, Q.; Chng, W.J.
2013Facile synthesis of MoS2/graphene composites: Effects of different cationic surfactants on microstructures and electrochemical properties of reversible lithium storageWang, Z.; Ma, L.; Chen, W.; Huang, G.; Chen, D.; Wang, L.; Lee, J.Y. 
1-Mar-2012Few-layer SnS 2/graphene hybrid with exceptional electrochemical performance as lithium-ion battery anodeChang, K.; Wang, Z.; Huang, G.; Li, H.; Chen, W.; Lee, J.Y. 
3-Aug-2012Function of GRIM-19, a mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I protein, in innate immunityChen, Y.; Lu, H.; Liu, Q.; Huang, G.; Lim, C.P. ; Zhang, L.; Hao, A.; Cao, X.
2008Genetic evidence of PEBP2β-independent activation of Runx1 in the murine embryoYokomizo, T.; Honda, C.; Ema, M.; Takahashi, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Yanagida, M.; Osato, M. ; Ito, Y. ; Huang, G.
2008Genetic evidence of PEBP2β-independent activation of Runx1 in the murine embryoYokomizo, T.; Honda, C.; Ema, M.; Takahashi, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Yanagida, M.; Osato, M. ; Ito, Y. ; Huang, G.
11-Nov-2013Graphene-like MoS2/graphene composites: Cationic surfactant-assisted hydrothermal synthesis and electrochemical reversible storage of lithiumHuang, G.; Chen, T.; Chen, W.; Wang, Z.; Chang, K.; Ma, L.; Huang, F.; Chen, D.; Lee, J.Y. 
24-Jul-1991KNIS-a computer program for the systematic kinetic analysis of non-isothermal thermogravimetric dataMa, S.; Huang, G.; Hill, J.O. 
Feb-2004Nanoparticles of biodegradable polymers for clinical administration of paclitaxelFeng, S.-S. ; Mu, L. ; Win, K.Y. ; Huang, G.
Sep-2013RUNX1 meets MLL: Epigenetic regulation of hematopoiesis by two leukemia genesKoh, C.P.; Wang, C.Q.; Ng, C.E.L. ; Ito, Y.; Araki, M.; Tergaonkar, V.; Huang, G.; Osato, M. 
5-Oct-2011RUNX1 regulates the CD34 gene in haematopoietic stem cells by mediating interactions with a distal regulatory elementLevantini, E.; Lee, S. ; Radomska, H.S.; Hetherington, C.J.; Alberich-Jorda, M.; Amabile, G.; Zhang, P.; Gonzalez, D.A.; Zhang, J.; Basseres, D.S.; Wilson, N.K.; Koschmieder, S.; Huang, G.; Zhang, D.-E.; Ebralidze, A.K.; Bonifer, C.; Okuno, Y.; Gottgens, B.; Tenen, D.G.