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2007Assessment criteria for compliance with oral hygiene: application of ROC analysis.Htoon, H.M.; Peng, L.L. ; Huak, C.Y.
2006Assessment of colour differences in silicone hand and digit prostheses: Perceptible and acceptable thresholds for fair and dark skin shadesLeow, M.E.L.; Lee, M.H.; Pho, R.W.H. ; Ow, R.K.K.; Huak, C.Y.
2010E2F5 status significantly improves malignancy diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancerKothandaraman, N. ; Choolani, M. ; Bajic, V.B.; Brendan, P.N.K.; Keow, P.B. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Huak, C.Y.; Razvi, K.
2008Epidemiology of diabetic foot problems and predictive factors for limb lossNather, A. ; Chew, J.L.L.; Lin, C.B.; Neo, S.; Sim, E.Y.; Bee, C.S.; Huak, C.Y.
2007FastFISH: Technique for ultrarapid fluorescence in situ hybridization on uncultured amniocytes yielding results within 2 h of amniocentesisChoolani, M. ; Ho, S.S.Y.; Razvi, K.; Ponnusamy, S. ; Biswas, A. ; Fisk, N.M.; Baig, S.; Mohammed, N.B.; Huoming, Z.; Gole, L.; Wong, P.C. ; Rauff, M. ; Huak, C.Y.; Tan, K.S.W. 
Apr-2009Generalised convulsive status epilepticus in Singapore: Clinical outcomes and potential prognostic markersRathakrishnan, R.; Sidik, N.P.; Huak, C.Y.; Wilder-Smith, E.P. 
2010Morphologic quantification of the maxilla and the mandible with cone-beam computed tomographyDeguchi Sr., T. ; Katashiba, S.; Inami, T.; Foong, K.W.C.; Huak, C.Y.
2009Motivation, study habits, and expectations of medical students in SingaporeAmin, Z. ; Tani, M.; Hoon, Eng K.; Samarasekara, D.D.; Huak, C.Y.