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2010130-GHz gain-enhanced SiGe low noise amplifierZhang, B.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Wang, L.; Hu, S.; Lim, T.G.; Zhuang, Y.-Q.; Li, L.-W. ; Yuan, X.
20103D TSV transformer design for DC-DC/AC-DC converterZhang, B.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Wang, L.; Hu, S.; Shi, J.; Zhuang, Y.-Q.; Li, L.-W. ; Yuan, X.
2012A 60-GHz differential on-chip Yagi antenna using 0.18-μm CMOS technologyBao, X.; Guo, Y. ; Hu, S.
2010A D-band power amplifier with 30-ghz bandwidth and 4.5-dBm Psat for high-speed communication systemZhang, B.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Wang, L.; Hu, S.; Lim, T.-G.; Zhuang, Y.-Q.; Li, L.-W. 
Aug-2001A web-based virtual laboratory on a frequency modulation experimentKo, C.C. ; Chen, B.M. ; Hu, S.; Ramakrishnan, V.; Cheng, C.D. ; Zhuang, Y.; Chen, J. 
2014Antibiotic prophylaxis prescribing practices of dentists in SingaporeTong, H.J.; Hu, S.; Mok, B.Y.Y.; Islam, I. ; Hong, C.H.L.
Jun-2011Characterization of slider-lubricant interaction with tribo-currentMan, Y. ; Liu, B.; Hu, S.; Ma, Y.; Ye, K.; Sinha, S.K. ; Lim, S.C. 
Mar-2013Coming of Age in Times of Change: The Transition to Adulthood in ChinaYeung, W.-J.J. ; Hu, S.
Mar-2008Health-care systems and pharmacoeconomic research in Asia-Pacific regionTarn, Y.-H.; Hu, S.; Kamae, I.; Yang, B.-M.; Li, S.-C. ; Tangcharoensathien, V.; Teerawattananon, Y.; Limwattananon, S.; Hameed, A.; Aljunid, S.M.; Bapna, J.S.
Feb-2012International benchmarking of cardiac surgical activity and outcomesUnderwood, M.J.; Hu, S.; Lee, C.N. ; Kappetein, A.P.; Bridewater, B.
2006Müller glial cells express nestin coupled with glial fibrillary acidic protein in experimentally induced glaucoma in the rat retinaXue, L.P.; Cao, Q.; Ling, E.-A. ; Hu, S.; Lu, J.; Ding, P.
2000NN controller of the constrained robot under unknown constraintHu, S.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Krishnan, H. 
Jun-2010Switching probability distribution of bit islands in bit patterned mediaChen, Y.; Ding, J. ; Deng, J.; Huang, T.; Leong, S.H.; Shi, J.; Zong, B.; Ko, H.Y.Y.; Au, C.K.; Hu, S.; Liu, B.