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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A comparison study of high-density MIM capacitors with ALD HfO 2-Al 2O 3 laminated, sandwiched and stacked dielectricsDing, S.-J. ; Hu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Kim, S.J. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Chin, A.; Kwong, D.-L.
2014A decomposition method to analyze the performance of frame bridge based automated container terminalHu, H.; Huang, Y.; Zhen, L.; Lee, B.K.; Lee, L.H. ; Chew, E.P. 
Sep-2002A high performance MIM capacitor using HfO 2 dielectricsHu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Lu, Y.F. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Choi, W.K. 
Feb-2003A high-density MIM capacitor (13 fF/μm2) using ALD HfO2 dielectricsYu, X.; Zhu, C. ; Hu, H.; Chin, A. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Kwong, D.-L.; Foo, P.D.; Yu, M.B.
2009A hybrid GA-CP approach for production schedulingHu, H.; Chan, W.-T. 
Jul-2013A multi-stage fluctuation smoothing method for multiple bottlenecks in wafer fabricationHu, H.; Zhen, L.; Sun, Z. ; Zhang, H.
2013A quantitative evaluation of privilege separation in web browser designsDong, X.; Hu, H.; Saxena, P.; Liang, Z. 
Jul-2001An application of genetic algorithms to precast production schedulingChan, W.-T. ; Hu, H.
Nov-2009CaMKII phosphorylates collapsin response mediator protein 2 and modulates axonal damage during glutamate excitotoxicityHou, S.T.; Jiang, S.X.; Aylsworth, A.; Ferguson, G.; Slinn, J.; Hu, H.; Leung, T. ; Kappler, J.; Kaibuchi, K.
2013Community-based user recommendation in uni-directional social networksZhao, G.; Lee, M.L. ; Hsu, W. ; Chen, W.; Hu, H.
Oct-2013Comparison of surface-enhanced Raman scattering on graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide and graphene surfacesYang, H.; Hu, H.; Ni, Z.; Poh, C.K.; Cong, C.; Lin, J.; Yu, T. 
Nov-2002Constraint programming approach to precast production schedulingChan, W.T. ; Hu, H.
Sep-2012Erratum: Finding community structure in spatial maritime shipping networks (International Journal of Modern Physics C (2012) 23:6 (1250044))Sun, Z. ; Zheng, J.; Hu, H.
Oct-2004Evidence and understanding of ALD HfO2-Al2O3 laminate MIM capacitors outperforming sandwich counterpartsDing, S.-J. ; Hu, H.; Zhu, C. ; Li, M.F. ; Kim, S.J. ; Cho, B.J. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Yu, M.B.; Du, A.Y.; Chin, A.; Kwong, D.-L.
Jun-2012Finding community structure in spatial maritime shipping networksSun, Z. ; Zheng, J.; Hu, H.
10-Dec-2012Fractal pattern in spatial structure of urban road networksSun, Z. ; Zheng, J.; Hu, H.
18-Oct-2010Gold on graphene as a substrate for surface enhanced Raman scattering studyWang, Y.; Ni, Z.; Hu, H.; Hao, Y. ; Wong, C.P.; Yu, T.; Thong, J.T.L. ; Shen, Z.X.
2003High Performance ALD HfO 2-Al 2O 3 Laminate MIM Capacitors for RF and Mixed Signal IC ApplicationsHu, H.; Ding, S.-J. ; Lim, H.F. ; Zhu, C. ; Li, M.F. ; Kim, S.J. ; Yu, X.F.; Chen, J.H. ; Yong, Y.F.; Cho, B.J. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Rustagi, S.C.; Yu, M.B.; Tung, C.H.; Du, A.; My, D.; Foo, P.D.; Chin, A.; Kwong, D.-L.
Dec-2003High-Performance MIM Capacitor Using ALD High-κ HfO 2-Al2O3 Laminate DielectricsDing, S.-J. ; Hu, H.; Lim, H.F. ; Kim, S.J. ; Yu, X.F.; Zhu, C. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Rustagi, S.C.; Yu, M.B.; Chin, A.; Kwong, D.-L.
Sep-2004Induction of acute graft-versus-host disease by T cells that do not respond to in vitro alloantigen stimulationNew, J.Y. ; Chan, S.H. ; Yap, E.H. ; Hu, H.