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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993A simple technique for blood collection in the pigHu, C.; Cheang, A.; Retnam, L.; Yap, E.H. 
2005Analytic hierarchy process with fuzzy scoring in evaluating multidisciplinary R&D projects in ChinaWang, K.; Wang, C.K. ; Hu, C.
Feb-2005Analytic hierarchy process with fuzzy scoring in evaluating multidisciplinary R&D projects in ChinaWang, K.; Wang, C.K. ; Hu, C.
2010Anatomic and dosimetric changes during the treatment course of intensity-modulated radiotherapy for locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinomaWang, X.; Lu, J. ; Xiong, X.; Zhu, G.; Ying, H.; He, S.; Hu, W.; Hu, C.
2006Antioxidant assessment of an anthocyanin-enriched blackberry extractElisia, I.; Hu, C.; Popovich, D.G. ; Kitts, D.D.
1991Both concordant and discordant heart xenografts are rejected by athymic (nude) rats with the same tempo as in T cell competent animalsLim, S.M.L. ; Li, S.Q. ; Wee, A.; Chong, S.M. ; Hu, C.; Rauff, A. ; White, D.J.G.
Nov-2007Characterizing the mechanism for ginsenoside-induced cytotoxicity in cultured leukemia (THP-1) cellsKitts, D.D.; Popovich, D.G. ; Hu, C.
Sep-2013Consensus recommendations for management of head and neck cancer in Asian countries: A review of international guidelinesD'Cruz, A.; Lin, T.; Anand, A.K.; Atmakusuma, D.; Calaguas, M.J.; Chitapanarux, I.; Cho, B.C.; Goh, B.C. ; Guo, Y.; Hsieh, W.S.; Hu, C.; Kwong, D.; Lin, J.C.; Lou, P.J.; Lu, T.; Prabhash, K.; Sriuranpong, V.; Tang, P.; Vu, V.V.; Wahid, I.; Ang, K.K.; Chan, A.T.
21-Nov-2013Efficient surfactant-free and chemical reductant-free solvothermal deoxidation of solution-processable sub-stoichiometric graphene oxideChen, Z.-L.; Kam, F.-Y.; Keerthi, V.; Song, J.; Hu, C.; Wong, L.-Y. ; Lim, G.-K.; Chua, L.-L. 
Nov-2008Evaluation of viability assays for anthocyanins in cultured cellsElisia, I.; Popovich, D.G. ; Hu, C.; Kitts, D.D.
2006First-principles study of structural and electronic properties of group IV arsenides with 3:4 stoichiometryHu, C.; Feng, Y.P. 
11-Jun-2013Genetic Associations of Type 2 Diabetes with Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Processing and Degrading Pathways in Asian PopulationsLam, V.K.L.; Ma, R.C.W.; Lee, H.M.; Hu, C.; Park, K.S.; Furuta, H.; Wang, Y.; Tam, C.H.T.; Sim, X. ; Ng, D.P.-K. ; Liu, J. ; Wong, T.-Y. ; Tai, E.S.; Morris, A.P.; Tang, N.L.S.; Woo, J.; Leung, P.C.; Kong, A.P.S.; Ozaki, R.; Jia, W.P.; Lee, H.K.; Nanjo, K.; Xu, G.; Ng, M.C.Y.; So, W.-Y.; Chan, J.C.N.
Jun-2013Genome-wide association study in a Chinese population identifies a susceptibility locus for type 2 diabetes at 7q32 near PAX4Ma, R.C.W.; Hu, C.; Tam, C.H.; Zhang, R.; Kwan, P.; Leung, T.F.; Thomas, G.N.; Go, M.J.; Hara, K.; Sim, X. ; Ho, J.S.K.; Wang, C.; Li, H.; Lu, L.; Wang, Y.; Li, J.W.; Wang, Y.; Lam, V.K.L.; Wang, J.; Yu, W.; Kim, Y.J.; Ng, D.P. ; Fujita, H.; Panoutsopoulou, K.; Day-Williams, A.G.; Lee, H.M.; Ng, A.C.W.; Fang, Y.-J.; Kong, A.P.S.; Jiang, F.; Ma, X.; Hou, X.; Tang, S.; Lu, J.; Yamauchi, T.; Tsui, S.K.W.; Woo, J.; Leung, P.C.; Zhang, X.; Tang, N.L.S.; Sy, H.Y.; Liu, J.; Wong, T.Y. ; Lee, J.Y.; Maeda, S.; Xu, G.; Cherny, S.S.; Chan, T.F.; Ng, M.C.Y.; Xiang, K.; Morris, A.P.; Keildson, S.; Hu, R.; Ji, L.; Lin, X.; Cho, Y.S.; Kadowaki, T.; Tai, E.S.; Zeggini, E.; McCarthy, M.I.; Hon, K.L.; Baum, L.; Tomlinson, B.; So, W.Y.; Bao, Y.; Chan, J.C.N.; Jia, W.
1-Aug-2010Is elective irradiation to the lower neck necessary for N0 nasopharyngeal carcinoma?Gao, Y.; Zhu, G.; Lu, J. ; Ying, H.; Kong, L.; Wu, Y.; Hu, C.
2008Linear ego-motion recovery algorithm based on quasi-parallaxHu, C.; Cheong, L.F. 
Aug-2009Linear quasi-parallax SfM using laterally-placed eyesHu, C.; Cheong, L.F. 
7-Jan-2011Low-symmetry monoclinic phases and polarization rotation path mediated by epitaxial strain in multiferroic BiFeO3 thin filmsChen, Z.; Luo, Z.; Huang, C.; Qi, Y.; Yang, P. ; You, L.; Hu, C.; Wu, T.; Wang, J.; Gao, C.; Sritharan, T.; Chen, L.
Jan-2012Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies eight new loci for type 2 diabetes in east AsiansCho, Y.S.; Chen, C.-H.; Hu, C.; Long, J.; Hee Ong, R.T. ; Sim, X. ; Takeuchi, F.; Wu, Y.; Go, M.J.; Yamauchi, T.; Chang, Y.-C.; Kwak, S.H.; Ma, R.C.W.; Yamamoto, K.; Adair, L.S.; Aung, T.; Cai, Q.; Chang, L.-C.; Chen, Y.-T.; Gao, Y.; Hu, F.B.; Kim, H.-L.; Kim, S.; Kim, Y.J.; Lee, J.J.-M. ; Lee, N.R.; Li, Y.; Liu, J.J.; Lu, W.; Nakamura, J.; Nakashima, E.; Ng, D.P.-K. ; Tay, W.T.; Tsai, F.-J.; Wong, T.Y. ; Yokota, M.; Zheng, W.; Zhang, R.; Wang, C.; So, W.Y.; Ohnaka, K.; Ikegami, H.; Hara, K.; Cho, Y.M.; Cho, N.H.; Chang, T.-J.; Bao, Y.; Hedman, A.K.; Morris, A.P.; McCarthy, M.I.; Takayanagi, R.; Park, K.S.; Jia, W.; Chuang, L.-M.; Chan, J.C.N.; Maeda, S.; Kadowaki, T.; Lee, J.-Y.; Wu, J.-Y.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Tai, E.S.; Shu, X.O.; Mohlke, K.L.; Kato, N.; Han, B.-G.; Seielstad, M.
1-Dec-2013Neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by concurrent chemoradiation for locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Interim results from 2 prospective phase 2 clinical trialsKong, L.; Hu, C.; Niu, X.; Zhang, Y.; Guo, Y.; Tham, I.W.K. ; Lu, J.J. 
1-Apr-2011Radiation-induced cranial nerve palsy: A cross-sectional study of nasopharyngeal cancer patients after definitive radiotherapyKong, L.; Lu, J.J. ; Liss, A.L. ; Hu, C.; Guo, X.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, Y.