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Jan-2011Audit of fluoroquinolone prophylaxis against chemotherapy-induced febrile neutropenia in a hospital with highly prevalent fluoroquinolone resistanceNg, E.S.-T.; Liew, Y.; Earnest, A.; Koh, L.P.; Lim, S.-W. ; Hsu, L.Y.
2014Changing molecular epidemiology and high rates of mupirocin resistance among meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Singaporean hospitalsHon, P.Y.; Koh, T.H. ; Tan, T.Y.; Krishnan, P.; Leong, J.W.-Y.; Jureen, R.; Chan, J.; Tee, N.W.-S.; Murugesh, J.; Chan, K.S.; Hsu, L.Y.
Jan-2012Guidelines for antimicrobial stewardship training and practiceTeng, C.B. ; Lee, W.; Yeo, C.L.; Lee, S.Y.; Ng, T.M.; Yeoh, S.F.; Lim, W.H.; Kwa, A.L.; Thoon, K.C.; Ooi, S.T.; Tan, T.Y.; Hsu, L.Y.; Lye, D.C.; Chlebicki, M.P.
Jul-2011Hand hygiene and infection control survey pre- and peri-H1N1-2009 pandemic: Knowledge and perceptions of final year medical students in SingaporeHsu, L.Y.; Jin, J. ; Ang, B.S.; Kurup, A.; Tambyah, P.A.
2010INVERTER: INtegrated variable number tandem rEpeat findeRWirawan, A.; Kwoh, C.K.; Hsu, L.Y.; Koh, T.H. 
Jun-2009Management of novel influenza epidemics in Singapore: Consensus recommendations from the Hospital Influenza Workgroup (Singapore)Ang, B.; Archuleta, S. ; Chiew, Y.F.; Chlebicki, M.P.; Chua, A.; Fisher, D.A. ; Hsu, L.Y.; Kang, M.L.; Koh, Y.L.; Kurup, A. ; Lee, C.C. ; Leo, Y.S. ; Leong, H.N.; Lim, P.L.; Ling, L.M.; Ling, M.L. ; Lye, D.C.B.; Tambyah, P. ; Tan, T.T. ; Wilder-Smith, A. 
Jun-2010Prospective audit of Febrile neutropenia management at a tertiary university hospital in SingaporeJin, J. ; Lee, Y.M.; Ding, Y.; Koh, L.P.; Lim, S.E.; Lim, R.; Tambyah, P.A.; Hsu, L.Y.
Mar-2013Real-world experience with posaconazole prophylaxis in high-risk hematological patients in Singapore: A prospective auditLow, C.Y.; Ong, W.C.; Wong, E.; Ding, Y.; Diong, C.P.; Jin, J. ; Lim, Z.Y.; Hsu, L.Y.
Oct-2013Sustained meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus control in a hyper-endemic tertiary acute care hospital with infrastructure challenges in SingaporeFisher, D.; Tambyah, P.A.; Lin, R.T.P.; Jureen, R.; Cook, A.R. ; Lim, A.; Ong, B.; Balm, M.; Ng, T.M.; Hsu, L.Y.
May-2012The excess financial burden of multidrug resistance in severe gram-negative infections in Singaporean hospitalsNg, E.; Earnest, A. ; Lye, D.C.; Ling, M.L.; Ding, Y.; Hsu, L.Y.