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Jul-2013Aqueous rechargeable lithium batteries as an energy storage system of superfast chargingTang, W.; Zhu, Y.; Hou, Y.; Liu, L.; Wu, Y.; Loh, K.P. ; Zhang, H.; Zhu, K.
2-Dec-2013Chikungunya as a cause of acute febrile illness in southern Sri LankaReller, M.E.; Akoroda, U.; Nagahawatte, A.; Devasiri, V.; Kodikaarachchi, W.; Strouse, J.J.; Chua, R.; Hou, Y.; Chow, A.; Sessions, O.M.; Østbye, T.; Gubler, D.J. ; Woods, C.W.; Bodinayake, C.
1-Nov-2012Combination of electroreduction with biosorption for enhancement for removal of hexavalent chromiumHou, Y.; Liu, H.; Zhao, X.; Qu, J.; Chen, J.P. 
Oct-2012Crystal structure of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus ORF75 reveals a pseudodimer of thiol oxidase domains with a putative substrate-binding pocketHou, Y.; Xia, Q.; Adam Yuan, Y. 
2003Efficient remote homology detection using local structureHou, Y.; Hsu, W. ; Lee, M.L. ; Bystroff, C.
2008First principle study of AlX (X=3d,4d,5d elements and Lu) dimerOuyang, Y.; Wang, J.; Hou, Y.; Zhong, X.; Du, Y.; Feng, Y. 
2004Remote homolog detection using local sequence-structure correlationsHou, Y.; Hsu, W. ; Lee, M.L. ; Bystroff, C.
Jan-2011The case for public administration with a global perspectiveHou, Y.; Ni, A.Y.; Poocharoen, O.-O. ; Yang, K.; Zhao, Z.J.
2010The effect of lead time and demand uncertainties in (r, q) inventory systemsSong, J.-S.; Zhang, H. ; Hou, Y.; Wang, M.