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Jul-2009Baseline characteristics and early on-treatment response predict the outcomes of 2 years of telbivudine treatment of chronic hepatitis BZeuzem, S.; Gane, E.; Liaw, Y.-F.; Lim, S.G. ; DiBisceglie, A.; Buti, M.; Chutaputti, A.; Rasenack, J.; Hou, J.; O'Brien, C.; Nguyen, T.T.; Jia, J.; Poynard, T.; Belanger, B.; Bao, W.; Naoumov, N.V.
2010Chronic hepatitis B: Whom to treat and for how long? Propositions, challenges, and future directionsAhn, S.H.; Chan, H.L.Y.; Chen, P.-J.; Cheng, J.; Goenka, M.K.; Hou, J.; Lim, S.G. ; Omata, M.; Piratvisuth, T.; Xie, Q.; Yim, H.J.; Yuen, M.-F.
2014Clinical profiles of multiple myeloma in asia-an asian myeloma network studyKim, K.; Lee, J.H.; Kim, J.S.; Min, C.K.; Yoon, S.S.; Shimizu, K.; Chou, T.; Kosugi, H.; Suzuki, K.; Chen, W.; Hou, J.; Lu, J.; Huang, X.-J.; Huang, S.-Y.; Chng, W.J. ; Tan, D.; Teoh, G.; Chim, C.S.; Nawarawong, W.; Siritanaratkul, N.; Durie, B.G.
2013Exercise controls arterial stiffness via hemodynamic modulationHou, J.; Xiang, C. ; Qin, K.-R.
2010Induction of p53 Renders ATM-Deficient Mice Refractory to HepatocarcinogenesisTeoh, N.; Pyakurel, P.; Hou, J.; Farrell, G.; Dan, Y.Y. ; Swisshelm, K.; Mitchell, C.; Fausto, N.; Gu, Y.
2008Manipulating interface dipoles of opposing polarity for work function engineering within a single metal gate stackLim, A.E.-J.; Hou, J.; Kwong, D.-L.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2013The architecture and placement algorithm for a uni-directional routing based 3D FPGAHou, J.; Yu, H.; Ha, Y. ; Liu, X.