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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Dec-20083640 unique EST clusters from the medaka testis and their potential use for identifying conserved testicular gene expression in fish and mammalsLo, L. ; Zhang, Z.; Hong, N.; Peng, J. ; Hong, Y. 
Apr-2010Accessibility of host cell lineages to medaka stem cells depends on genetic background and irradiation of recipient embryosHong, N.; Li, M. ; Zeng, Z. ; Yi, M. ; Deng, J.; Gui, J.; Winkler, C. ; Schartl, M.; Hong, Y. 
Jan-2014Alternative transcription generates multiple Mitf isoforms with different expression patterns and activities in medakaLi, M. ; Zhu, F. ; Hong, N.; Zhang, L.; Hong, Y. 
Aug-2010Derivation and characterization of haploid embryonic stem cell cultures in medaka fishYi, M. ; Hong, N.; Hong, Y. 
2011Differential conservation and divergence of fertility genes boule and dazl in the rainbow troutLi, M. ; Shen, Q.; Xu, H. ; Wong, F.M.; Cui, J.; Li, Z. ; Hong, N.; Wang, L.; Zhao, H. ; Ma, B.; Hong, Y. 
2011Fish stem cell culturesHong, N.; Li, Z. ; Hong, Y. 
17-Jan-2012Fusion gene vectors allowing for simultaneous drug selection, cell labeling, and reporter assay in vitro and in vivoZhao, H. ; Hong, N.; Lu, W.; Zeng, H. ; Song, J. ; Hong, Y. 
16-Oct-2009Generation of medaka fish haploid embryonic stem cellsYi, M. ; Hong, N.; Hong, Y. 
Jan-2011Germ cell sex prior to meiosis in the rainbow troutLi, M. ; Shen, Q.; Wong, F.M.; Xu, H. ; Hong, N.; Zeng, L.; Liu, L.; Wei, Q.; Hong, Y. 
2011Identification of pluripotency genes in the fish medakaWang, D.; Manali, D.; Wang, T.; Bhat, N.; Hong, N.; Li, Z. ; Wang, L.; Yan, Y. ; Liu, R.; Hong, Y. 
10-Aug-2012Interordinal chimera formation between medaka and zebrafish for analyzing stem cell differentiationHong, N.; Chen, S.; Ge, R. ; Song, J. ; Yi, M. ; Hong, Y. 
2011Medaka cleavage embryos are capable of generating ES-like cell culturesLi, Z. ; Bhat, N.; Manali, D.; Wang, D.; Hong, N.; Yi, M. ; Ge, R. ; Hong, Y. 
Oct-2009Medaka dead end encodes a cytoplasmic protein and identifies embryonic and adult germ cellsLiu, L.; Hong, N.; Xu, H. ; Li, M. ; Yan, Y. ; Purwanti, Y.; Yi, M. ; Li, Z. ; Wang, L.; Hong, Y. 
1-Mar-2013Medaka embryonic stem cells are capable of generating entire organs and embryo-like miniaturesHong, N.; He, B.P.; Schartl, M.; Hong, Y. 
2010Medaka fish stem cells and their applicationsYi, M.S. ; Hong, N.; Li, Z.D.; Yan, Y. ; Wang, D.K.; Zhao, H.B. ; Hong, Y.H. 
2012Medaka piwi is essential for primordial germ cell migrationLi, M. ; Hong, N.; Gui, J.; Hong, Y. 
2012Medaka piwi is essential for primordial germ cell migrationLi, M. ; Hong, N.; Gui, J.; Hong, Y. 
2011Medaka tert produces multiple variants with differential expression during differentiation in vitro and in vivoRao, F.; Wang, T.; Li, M. ; Li, Z. ; Hong, N.; Zhao, H. ; Yan, Y. ; Lu, W.; Chen, T. ; Wang, W.; Lim, M.; Yuan, Y.; Liu, L.; Zeng, L.; Wei, Q.; Guan, G.; Li, C.; Hong, Y. 
May-2009Medaka vasa is required for migration but not survival of primordial germ cellsLi, M. ; Hong, N.; Xu, H. ; Yi, M. ; Li, C.; Gui, J.; Hong, Y. 
Mar-2012Mitf is a transcriptional activator of medaka germ genes in cultureZhao, H. ; Li, M. ; Purwanti, Y.I.; Liu, R.; Chen, T. ; Li, Z. ; Hong, N.; Guan, G.; Yin, A.; Xiao, L.; Ge, R. ; Song, J. ; Hong, Y.