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Oct-2010A method for full genome sequencing of all four serotypes of the dengue virusChristenbury, J.G.; Aw, P.P.K.; Ong, S.H.; Schreiber, M.J.; Chow, A.; Gubler, D.J. ; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Ooi, E.E.; Hibberd, M.L.
2-Aug-2011Characterization of early host responses in adults with dengue diseaseTolfvenstam, T.; Lindblom, A.; Schreiber, M.J.; Ling, L.; Chow, A.; Ooi, E.E. ; Hibberd, M.L.
Feb-2011Collagen-related genes influence the glaucoma risk factor, central corneal thicknessVithana, E.N.; Aung, T.; Khor, C.C. ; Cornes, B.K.; Tay, W.-T.; Sim, X. ; Lavanya, R.; Wu, R.; Zheng, Y.; Hibberd, M.L.; Chia, K.S. ; Seielstad, M.; Goh, L.K. ; Saw, S.-M. ; Tai, E.S.; Wong, T.Y. 
22-Dec-2011Dengue virus activates polyreactive, natural IgG B cells after primary and secondary infectionBalakrishnan, T.; Bela-Ong, D.B.; Toh, Y.X.; Flamand, M.; Devi, S.; Koh, M.B.; Hibberd, M.L.; Ooi, E.E. ; Low, J.G.; Leo, Y.S.; Gu, F.; Fink, K.
2013Disclosing climate change patterns using an adaptive markov chain pattern detection methodWang, Z.; Lee, G.; Chan, H.M.; Li, R.; Fu, X.; Goh, R.; Poh Kim, P.A.W.; Hibberd, M.L.; Chin, H.C. 
15-May-2014Enterococcus faecalis from healthy infants modulates inflammation through MAPK signaling pathwaysWang, S.; Hibberd, M.L.; Pettersson, S.; Lee, Y.K. 
31-Jul-2013Exploring the Mode of Action of Bioactive Compounds by Microfluidic Transcriptional Profiling in MycobacteriaMurima, P.; de Sessions, P.F.; Lim, V.; Naim, A.N.M.; Bifani, P.; Boshoff, H.I.M.; Sambandamurthy, V.K.; Dick, T. ; Hibberd, M.L.; Schreiber, M.; Rao, S.P.S.
May-2009Genomic epidemiology of a dengue virus epidemic in urban SingaporeSchreiber, M.J.; Holmes, E.C.; Swee, H.O.; Soh, H.S.H.; Liu, W.; Tanner, L.; Aw, P.P.K.; Hwee, C.T.; Lee, C.N.; Yee, S.L.; Low, J.G.H.; Ong, A.; Eng, E.O.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Hibberd, M.L.
2013Inhibition of megakaryocyte development in the bone marrow underlies dengue virus-induced thrombocytopenia in humanized miceSridharan, A.; Chen, Q.; Tang, K.F. ; Ooi, E.E. ; Hibberd, M.L.; Chenb, J.
Feb-2011Investigation of causes of oseltamivir chemoprophylaxis failures during influenza A (H1N1-2009) outbreaksLee, V.J. ; Yap, J.; Maurer-Stroh, S.; Lee, R.T.C.; Eisenhaber, F.; Tay, J.K.; Ting, P.J.; Loh, J.P.; Wong, C.W.; Tan, B.H.; Koay, E.S.C.; Kelly, P.M.; Hibberd, M.L.
2010Large-scale evolutionary surveillance of the 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus using resequencing arraysLee, C.W.H.; Koh, C.W.; Chan, Y.S.; Aw, P.P.K.; Loh, K.H.; Han, B.L.; Thien, P.L.; Nai, G.Y.W.; Hibberd, M.L.; Wong, C.W.; Sung, W.-K. 
10-Jun-2010Oseltamivir ring prophylaxis for containment of 2009 H1N1 influenza outbreaksLee, V.J. ; Yap, J.; Cook, A.R. ; Chen, M.I. ; Tay, J.K.; Tan, B.H.; Loh, J.P.; Chew, S.W.; Koh, W.H.; Lin, R.; Cui, L.; Lee, C.W.H.; Sung, W.-K.; Wong, C.W.; Hibberd, M.L.; Kang, W.L.; Seet, B.; Tambyah, P.A.
Jan-2014Reduction of HBV replication prolongs the early immunological response to IFNα therapyTan, A.T.; Hoang, L.T.; Chin, D.; Rasmussen, E.; Lopatin, U.; Hart, S.; Bitter, H.; Chu, T.; Gruenbaum, L.; Ravindran, P.; Zhong, H.; Gane, E.; Lim, S.G. ; Chow, W.C.; Chen, P.-J.; Petric, R.; Bertoletti, A. ; Hibberd, M.L.
30-Aug-2013Replication and Meta-Analysis of GWAS Identified Susceptibility Loci in Kawasaki Disease Confirm the Importance of B Lymphoid Tyrosine Kinase (BLK) in Disease SusceptibilityChang, C.-J.; Kuo, H.-C.; Chang, J.-S.; Lee, J.-K.; Tsai, F.-J.; Khor, C.C. ; Chang, L.-C.; Chen, S.-P.; Ko, T.-M.; Liu, Y.-M.; Chen, Y.-J.; Hong, Y.M.; Jang, G.Y.; Hibberd, M.L.; Kuijpers, T.; Burgner, D.; Levin, M.; Burns, J.C.; Davila, S.; Chen, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-H.; Wu, J.-Y.; Lee, Y.-C.
May-2011The early clinical features of dengue in adults: Challenges for early clinical diagnosisLow, J.G.H.; Ong, A.; Tan, L.K.; Chaterji, S.; Chow, A.; Lim, W.Y.; Lee, K.W.; Chua, R.; Chua, C.R.; Tan, S.W.S.; Cheung, Y.B. ; Hibberd, M.L.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Ng, L.-C.; Leo, Y.S.; Ooi, E.E.