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2018A gene-centric strategy for identifying disease-causing rare variants in dilated cardiomyopathyHorvat C.; Johnson R.; Lam L.; Munro J.; Mazzarotto F.; Roberts A.M. ; Herman D.S.; Parfenov M.; Haghighi A.; McDonough B.; DePalma S.R.; Keogh A.M.; Macdonald P.S.; Hayward C.S.; Roberts A.; Barton P.J.R.; Felkin L.E.; Giannoulatou E.; Cook S.A. ; Seidman J.G.; Seidman C.E.; Fatkin D.
2015Integrated allelic, transcriptional, and phenomic dissection of the cardiac effects of titin truncations in health and diseaseRoberts A.M.; Ware J.S.; Herman D.S.; Schafer S. ; Baksi J.; Bick A.G.; Buchan R.J.; Walsh R.; John S.; Wilkinson S.; Mazzarotto F.; Felkin L.E.; Gong S.; Macarthur J.A.L.; Cunningham F.; Flannick J.; Gabriel S.B.; Altshuler D.M.; MacDonald P.S.; Heinig M.; Keogh A.M.; Hayward C.S.; Banner N.R.; Pennell D.J.; O'Regan D.P.; San T.R. ; De Marvao A.; Dawes T.J.W.; Gulati A.; Birks E.J.; Yacoub M.H.; Radke M.; Gotthardt M.; Wilson J.G.; O'Donnell C.J.; Prasad S.K.; Barton P.J.R.; Fatkin D.; Hubner N.; Seidman J.G.; Seidman C.E.; Cook S.A. 
2016Titin truncating mutations: A rare cause of dilated cardiomyopathy in the youngFatkin D.; Lam L.; Herman D.S.; Benson C.C.; Felkin L.E.; Barton P.J.R.; Walsh R.; Candan S.; Ware J.S.; Roberts A.M.; Chung W.K.; Smoot L.; Bornaun H.; Keogh A.M.; Macdonald P.S.; Hayward C.S.; Seidman J.G.; Roberts A.E.; Cook S.A. ; Seidman C.E.