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2009Entomologic and virologic investigation of chikungunya, SingaporeNg, L.-C; Tan, L.-K; Tan, C.-H; Tan, S.S.Y; Hapuarachchi, H.C; Pok, K.-Y; Lai, Y.-L; Lam-Phua, S.-G; Bucht, G; Lin, R.T.P ; Leo, Y.-S ; Tan, B.-H; Han, H.-K; Ooi, P.-L.S; James, L; Khoo, S.-P
2016Epidemic resurgence of dengue fever in Singapore in 2013-2014: A virological and entomological perspectiveHapuarachchi, H.C; Koo, C; Rajarethinam, J; Chong, C.-S; Lin, C; Yap, G; Liu, L; Lai, Y.-L; Ooi, P.L; Cutter, J ; Ng, L.-C
2016Intra-epidemic evolutionary dynamics of a Dengue virus type 1 population reveal mutant spectra that correlate with disease transmissionHapuarachchi, H.C; Koo, C; Kek, R; Xu, H; Lai, Y.L; Liu, L; Kok, S.Y; Shi, Y; Chuen, R.L.T; Lee, K.-S; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Ng, L.C
2017Microbial survey of ready-to-eat salad ingredients sold at retail reveals the occurrence and the persistence of Listeria monocytogenes Sequence Types 2 and 87 in pre-packed smoked salmonChau, M.L; Aung, K.T; Hapuarachchi, H.C; Lee, P.S.V; Lim, P.Y; Kang, J.S.L; Ng, Y; Yap, H.M; Yuk, H.-G ; Gutiérrez, R.A; Ng, L.C
2017Prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in retail food in SingaporeAung, K.T; Hsu, L.Y ; Koh, T.H ; Hapuarachchi, H.C; Chau, M.L; Gutiérrez, R.A; Ng, L.C
2018Viral and antibody kinetics, and mosquito infectivity of an imported case of Zika fever due to Asian genotype (American strain) in SingaporeTan, C.H; Tan, L.K; Hapuarachchi, H.C; Lai, Y.L; Wong, P.S.J; Yap, G; Mak, K.W; Wong, W.Y; Leo, Y.S ; Wong, M.C; Ng, L.C