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2013A 0.45V 100-channel neural-recording IC with sub-μW/channel consumption in 0.18μm CMOSHan, D.; Zheng, Y.; Rajkumar, R. ; Dawe, G. ; Je, M. 
2004A DC offset free RF front-end for direct conversion receiversZheng, Y.; Leow, S.W.; Han, D.; Xu, Y.P. 
2010Advance on pulse-based UWB integrated transceiver circuits and systems: Invited paperZheng, Y.; Gao, Y.; Diao, S.; Ang, C.W.; Han, D.; Heng, C.H. 
2013Centralizers and jordan derivations for csl subalgebras of von neumann algebrasLi, P.; Han, D.; Tang, W.-S. 
Oct-2012Direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from CO2 and CH 3OH Using 0.4 nm molecular sieve supported Cu-Ni bimetal catalystChen, H.; Wang, S.; Xiao, M.; Han, D.; Lu, Y. ; Meng, Y.
2011Frames and their associated Hp F-subspacesHan, D.; Li, P.; Tang, W.-S. 
Feb-2014New bounds for the price of anarchy under nonlinear and asymmetric costsHan, D.; Sun, J. ; Ang, M.
2012Novel Cu-Fe bimetal catalyst for the formation of dimethyl carbonate from carbon dioxide and methanolZhou, Y.; Wang, S.; Xiao, M.; Han, D.; Lu, Y. ; Meng, Y.
Nov-2011Operator valued frames and structured quantum channelsHan, D.; Li, P.; Meng, B.; Tang, W. 
2012Porous diatomite-immobilized Cu-Ni bimetallic nanocatalysts for direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonateChen, Y.; Xiao, M.; Wang, S.; Han, D.; Lu, Y. ; Meng, Y.
2010Second-order cone reformulation and the price of anarchy of a robust nash-cournot gameHan, D.; Lo, H.K.; Sun, J. ; Yang, H.
2008The toll effect on price of anarchy when costs are nonlinear and asymmetricHan, D.; Lo, H.K.; Sun, J. ; Yang, H.
Mar-2011Topological and geometric properties of refinable functions and MRA affine framesHan, D.; Sun, Q.; Tang, W.-S.