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2010Additional serine/threonine phosphorylation reduces binding affinity but preserves interface topography of substrate proteins to the c-Cbl TKB domainSun, Q.; Jackson, R.A.; Ng, C.; Guy, G.R.; Sivaraman, J. 
21-Jan-2011An adjacent arginine, and the phosphorylated tyrosine in the c-Met receptor target sequence, dictates the orientation of c-Cbl bindingSun, Q.; Ng, C.; Guy, G.R.; Sivaraman, J. 
15-Feb-2005BNIP-2 induces cell elongation and membrane protrusions by interacting with Cdc42 via a unique Cdc42-binding motif within its BNIP-2 and Cdc42GAP homology domainZhou, Y.T. ; Guy, G.R.; Low, B.C. 
13-Apr-2006BNIP-Sα induces cell rounding and apoptosis by displacing p50RhoGAP and facilitating RhoA activation via its unique motifs in the BNIP-2 and Cdc42GAP homology domainZhou, Y.T. ; Guy, G.R.; Low, B.C. 
5-Mar-2008Structural basis for a novel intrapeptidyl H-bond and reverse binding of c-Cbl-TKB domain substratesNg, C.; Jackson, R.A.; Buschdorf, J.P.; Sun, Q.; Guy, G.R.; Sivaraman, J. 
7-Mar-2012Structure of a novel phosphotyrosine-binding domain in Hakai that targets E-cadherinMukherjee, M.; Chow, S.Y.; Yusoff, P.; Seetharaman, J.; Ng, C.; Sinniah, S.; Koh, X.W.; Asgar, N.F.M.; Li, D.; Yim, D.; Jackson, R.A.; Yew, J.; Qian, J.; Iyu, A.; Lim, Y.P. ; Zhou, X. ; Sze, S.K.; Guy, G.R.; Sivaraman, J. 
1-Mar-2002The BNIP-2 and Cdc42GAP Homology/Sec14p-like domain of BNIP-Sα is a novel apoptosis-inducing sequenceZhou, Y.T. ; Soh, U.J.K.; Shang, X.; Guy, G.R.; Low, B.C. 
2004The Ras/mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway inhibitor and likely tumor suppressor proteins, sprouty 1 and sprouty 2 are deregulated in breast cancerLo, T.L.; Yusoff, P.; Fong, C.W.; McCaw, B.J.; Wong, E.S.M.; Leong, H.F.; Guy, G.R.; Guo, K.; Zeng, Q.; Putti, T.C. ; Yang, H.; Phillips, W.A.