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2008Anchor side chains of short peptide fragments trigger ligand-exchange of Class II MHC moleculesGupta S.; Höpner, S.; Rupp B.; Günther S.; Dickhaut K.; Agarwal N.; Cardoso M.C.; Kühne R.; Wiesmüller K.-H.; Jung G.; Falk K.; Rötzschke O.
2018Application of biochar from food and wood waste as green admixture for cement mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. ; Koh H.J.
2017Autonomous healing in concrete by bio-based healing agents - A reviewGupta S.; Pang S.D. ; Kua H.W. 
2011Characterization of structural features controlling the receptiveness of empty class II MHC moleculesRupp B.; Günther S.; Makhmoor T.; Schlundt A.; Dickhaut K.; Gupta S.; Choudhary I.; Wiesmüller K.-H.; Jung G.; Freund C.; Falk K.; Rötzschke O.; Kühne R.
2017Combination of polypropylene fibre and superabsorbent polymer to improve physical properties of cement mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. ; Pang S. D
2012Developmental Heterogeneity in DNA Packaging Patterns Influences T-Cell Activation and TransmigrationGupta S.; Marcel N.; Talwar S.; Garg M.; Indulaxmi R.; Perumalsamy L.R.; Sarin A.; Shivashankar G.V. 
2018Effect of water entrainment by pre-soaked biochar particles on strength and permeability of cement mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. 
2017Factors determining the potential of biochar as a carbon capturing and sequestering construction material: Critical review.Kua H.W. ; Gupta S.
2012Genome-wide profiling of pluripotent cells reveals a unique molecular signature of human embryonic germ cellsPashai N.; Hao H.; All A. ; Gupta S.; Chaerkady R.; de Los Angeles A.; Gearhart J.D.; Kerr C.L.
2018Healing cement mortar by immobilization of bacteria in biochar: An integrated approach of self-healing and carbon sequestrationGupta S.; Kua H.W. ; Pang S.D. 
2012Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Oligodendrocyte Progenitors Aid in Functional Recovery of Sensory Pathways following Contusive Spinal Cord InjuryAll A.H. ; Bazley F.A.; Gupta S.; Pashai N.; Hu C.; Pourmorteza A.; Kerr C.
2014Manipulation detection and preference alterations in a choice blindness paradigmTaya F.; Gupta S.; Farber I.; Mullette-Gillman O.A. 
2012Modeling and Experimental Methods to Probe the Link between Global Transcription and Spatial Organization of ChromosomesIyer K.V.; Maharana S.; Gupta S.; Libchaber A.; Tlusty T.; Shivashankar G.V. 
2012Role of Actin Dependent Nuclear Deformation in Regulating Early Gene ExpressionGupta S.; Marcel N.; Sarin A.; Shivashankar G.V. 
2018Use of biochar as carbon sequestering additive in cement mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. ; Low C. Y.
2017Use of biochar-coated polypropylene fibers for carbon sequestration and physical improvement of mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. ; Tan Cynthia S.Y.