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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2004Asymmetrically kinked hysteresis loops in exchange biased NiFe/IrMn ringsGuo, Z.B.; Zheng, Y.K.; Li, K.B.; Liu, Z.Y.; Luo, P.; Wu, Y.H. 
24-Sep-2001Asymmetry diffraction magneto-optical phenomenon of NiFe gratingShen, Y.T.; Wu, Y.H. ; Chong, T.C. ; Xie, H.; Guo, Z.B.; Li, K.B.; Qiu, J.J.
18-May-2006Co-doped TiO2 epitaxial thin films grown by sputteringHan, G.C.; Luo, P.; Guo, Z.B.; Nahar, F.U.; Tay, M.; Wu, Y.H. ; Wang, S.J.
2002CPP sensors with an enhanced MR using laminated FM layersWu, Y.H. ; Li, K.B.; Guo, Z.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Han, G.C.; Chong, T.C. 
2005Effect of metallic Al cap layer on the interlayer coupling in nano-oxide added spin valvesLi, K.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Han, G.C.; Guo, Z.B.; Zheng, Y.K.; Wu, Y.H. 
May-2004Enhancement of magnetoresistance in spin valves with ion sputtered Si substratesGuo, Z.B.; Li, K.B.; Han, G.C. ; Qiu, J.J.; Zheng, Y.K.; Liu, Z.Y.; Wu, Y.H. 
Jan-2004Epitaxial growth of ferromagnetic Co:TiO2 thin films by co-sputteringHan, G.C.; Wu, Y.H. ; Tay, M.; Li, K.B.; Guo, Z.B.; Chong, T.C.
14-Nov-2008Exchange bias and magnetotransport properties in IrMn/NiFe/FeMn structuresGuo, Z.B.; Wu, Y.H. ; Qiu, J.J.; Zong, B.Y.; Han, G.C.
Jul-2008Exchange bias between NiFe and IrMn/Ru superlatticesGuo, Z.B.; Wu, Y.H. ; Han, G.C.; Qiu, J.J.; Liu, B.; Chantrell, R.W.
18-May-2006Fabrication of sub-50 nm current-perpendicular-to-plane spin valve sensorsHan, G.C.; Li, K.B.; Zheng, Y.K.; Qiu, J.J.; Luo, P.; An, L.H.; Guo, Z.B.; Liu, Z.Y.; Wu, Y.H. 
2005Flux-closed MRAM with ultra-low switching currentZheng, Y.K.; Li, K.B.; Qiu, J.J.; An, L.H.; Luo, P.; Guo, Z.B.; Han, G.C.; Wu, Y.H. 
May-2004Growth and magnetic properties of TiO2: Co anatase thin films by sputtering techniqueHan, G.C.; Wu, Y.H. ; Tay, M.; Guo, Z.B.; Li, K.B.; Chong, C.T.
Jul-2004High thermal stable MRAM with a synthetic ferrimagnetic pinned layerZheng, Y.K.; Wu, Y.H. ; Li, K.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Han, G.C.; An, L.H.; Luo, P.; Guo, Z.B.
19-Nov-2001Influence of Ga+ ion irradiation on magnetoresistance and exchange bias of IrMn/CoFe/Cu/CoFe/NiFe spin valveGuo, Z.B.; You, D.; Qiu, J.J.; Li, K.B.; Wu, Y.H. 
Mar-2011Ion beam modification of exchange coupling to fabricate patterned mediaRanjbar, M.; Piramanayagam, S.N.; Sbiaa, R.; Aung, K.O.; Guo, Z.B.; Chong, T.C. 
15-May-2003Low switching current flux-closed magnetoresistive random access memoryZheng, Y.K.; Wu, Y.H. ; Li, K.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Shen, Y.T.; An, L.H.; Guo, Z.B.; Han, G.C.; Luo, P.; You, D.; Liu, Z.Y.
2002Magnetic properties in patterned FeMn/NiFe bilayers with different etching depthGuo, Z.B.; Li, K.B.; Han, G.C. ; Liu, Z.Y.; Luo, P.; Wu, Y.H. 
2005Magnetization reversal and stray field of periodicaly magnetic dots detected by both mfm and GMR read headLi, K.B.; Zheng, Y.K.; Luo, P.; Liu, Z.Y.; An, L.H.; Guo, Z.B.; Han, G.C.; Wu, Y.H. 
2005Magnetization reversal in exchange biased multilayers detected by giant magnetoresistance effectsGuo, Z.B.; Li, K.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Han, G.C. ; Zheng, Y.K.; Luo, P.; An, L.H.; Wu, Y.H. 
2002Magnetoresistance in exchange-biased IRMN/NIFE/FEMNGuo, Z.B.; Qiu, J.J.; Zheng, Y.K.; Han, G.C. ; Li, K.B.; Luo, P.; Wu, Y.H.