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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012100-Channel wireless neural recording system with 54-Mb/s data link and 40%-efficiency power linkCheng, K.-W.; Zou, X.; Cheong, J.H.; Xue, R.-F.; Chen, Z.; Yao, L.; Cha, H.-K.; Cheng, S.J.; Li, P.; Liu, L. ; Andia, L.; Ho, C.K.; Cheng, M.-Y.; Duan, Z.; Rajkumar, R.; Zheng, Y.; Goh, W.L.; Guo, Y.; Dawe, G.; Park, W.-T.; Je, M.
2007A unified network control and management system for an integrated EPON and metro optical network testbedLiu, Y. ; Phung, M.H. ; Chua, K.C. ; Mohan, G. ; Guo, Y.; Panneerselvan, S.
1-Feb-2014Active vibration isolation based on model reference adaptive controlLiu, L.; Tan, K.K. ; Guo, Y.; Cong, M.; Lee, T.H. 
1999An H ∞ almost disturbance decoupling robust controller design for a piezoelectric bimorph actuator with hysteresisChen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. ; Hang, C.-C. ; Guo, Y.; Weerasooriya, S. 
Oct-2010Antibody engineering promotes nanomedicine for cancer treatmentGao, J.; Feng, S.-S. ; Guo, Y.
2009Association of C-reactive protein and metabolic syndrome in a rural Chinese populationWen, J.; Guo, Y.; Liu, X.; Liang, Y.; Wang, F.; Duan, X.; Wang, N.; Sun, L.; Tao, Q.; Wong, T.Y. 
Feb-2012Block copolymer micelles for nanomedicineLi, W.; Feng, S.-S. ; Guo, Y.
7-Jan-2013Broad-spectrum antimicrobial and biofilm-disrupting hydrogels: Stereocomplex-driven supramolecular assembliesLi, Y.; Fukushima, K.; Coady, D.J.; Engler, A.C.; Liu, S.; Huang, Y.; Cho, J.S.; Guo, Y.; Miller, L.S.; Tan, J.P.K.; Ee, P.L.R. ; Fan, W.; Yang, Y.Y.; Hedrick, J.L.
2010C-reactive protein, gamma-glutamyltransferase and type 2 diabetes in a Chinese populationWen, J.; Guo, Y.; Liu, X.; Liang, Y.; Wang, F.; Duan, X.; Wang, N.; Sun, L.; Wong, T.Y. 
Sep-2005Cluster Computing and Grid 2005 works in progressWang, F.; Helian, N.; Wu, S.; Deng, Y.; Zhou, K.; Guo, Y.; Thompson, S.; Johnson, I.; Milward, D.; Maddock, R.; Khoo, B.; Bharadwaj, V. 
Sep-2013Consensus recommendations for management of head and neck cancer in Asian countries: A review of international guidelinesD'Cruz, A.; Lin, T.; Anand, A.K.; Atmakusuma, D.; Calaguas, M.J.; Chitapanarux, I.; Cho, B.C.; Goh, B.C. ; Guo, Y.; Hsieh, W.S.; Hu, C.; Kwong, D.; Lin, J.C.; Lou, P.J.; Lu, T.; Prabhash, K.; Sriuranpong, V.; Tang, P.; Vu, V.V.; Wahid, I.; Ang, K.K.; Chan, A.T.
2010Consistency, comprehensiveness, and compatibility of pathway databasesSoh, D. ; Dong, D. ; Guo, Y.; Wong, L. 
15-Jan-2013Controllable chemical vapor deposition growth of few layer graphene for electronic devicesWei, D. ; Wu, B.; Guo, Y.; Yu, G.; Liu, Y.
2011Data integrity validation framework for distribution system operationsGuo, Y.; Ten, C.-W.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
5-Dec-2013Dynamic analysis of gene expression and genome-wide transcription factor binding during lineage specification of multipotent progenitorsMay, G.; Soneji, S.; Tipping, A.J.; Teles, J.; McGowan, S.J.; Wu, M. ; Guo, Y.; Fugazza, C.; Brown, J.; Karlsson, G.; Pina, C.; Olariu, V.; Taylor, S.; Tenen, D.G.; Peterson, C.; Enver, T.
2005Effect of hand position on digit and ulnar artery vasoconstrictor reflexesWilder-Smith, E.P. ; Liurong, L. ; Guo, Y.
2007Epidermal transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 in idiopathic small nerve fibre disease, diabetic neuropathy and healthy human subjectsWilder-Smith, E.P. ; Guo, Y.; Chow, A.W.-L.; Ong, W.-Y.
2007Evaluation of oxidative stress in a group of adolescents exposed to a high level of aflatoxin B1 - A multi-center and multi-biomarker studyPeng, T.; Li, L.-Q.; Peng, M.-H.; Liu, Z.-M.; Liu, T.-W.; Guo, Y.; Xiao, K.-Y.; Qin, Z.; Ye, X.-P.; Mo, X.-S.; Wang, L.W.; Wang, Q.; Khan, K.M.; Santella, R.M.; Yan, L.-N.; Lee, B.-L.; Shen, H.-M.; Ong, C.N. ; Tamae, K.; Kasai, H.; Wang, K.-B.; Liang, R.-X.; Wei, Z.-L.
2011Finding consistent disease subnetworks across microarray datasetsSoh, D. ; Dong, D. ; Guo, Y.; Wong, L. 
2011Finding consistent disease subnetworks across microarray datasetsSoh, D. ; Dong, D. ; Guo, Y.; Wong, L.