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2010Biomolecule-assisted hydrothermal synthesis and optical properties of Cu7S4 nanotubesGuo, P.-Z.; Han, G.-T.; Wang, B.-Y.; Zhao, X.-S. 
Jul-2011Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of Ceria octahedronsWei, Z.-B.; Cui, Y.-Q.; Guo, P.-Z.; Gu, Y.; Zhang, G.-L.; Zhao, X.-S. 
Sep-2008Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of hexagonal γ-MnS single crystal nanorods in presence of biomolecule L-cysteineGuo, P.-Z.; Li, H.-L.; Yu, J.-Q.; Sun, H.; Zhao, X.-S. 
2011Preparation and characterization of peanut shell-based microporous carbons as electrode materials for supercapacitorsGuo, P.-Z.; Ji, Q.-Q.; Zhang, L.-L. ; Zhao, S.-Y.; Zhao, X.-S. 
May-2010Preparation of chitosan-based porous carbons and their application as electrode materials for supercapacitorsJi, Q.-Q.; Guo, P.-Z.; Zhao, X.-S. 
10-Apr-2008Synthesis of self-organized polycrystalline F-doped TiO2 hollow microspheres and their photocatalytic activity under visible lightZhou, J.K.; Lv, L. ; Yu, J.; Li, H.L.; Guo, P.-Z.; Sun, H.; Zhao, X.S. 
19-Dec-2007Template synthesis of mesoporous carbon microfibers as a catalyst support for methanol electrooxidationSu, F. ; Zeng, J.; Bai, P. ; Lv, L. ; Guo, P.-Z.; Sun, H.; Li, H.A.; Yu, J.; Lee, J.Y. ; Zhao, X.S. 
2009β-FeOOH nanospindles: Facile synthesis and their transition to α-Fe 2O 3 submicron/micro-particlesGuo, P.-Z.; Tan, J.-S.; Ji, Q.-Q.; Zhao, D.; Zhao, X.-S.