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2011A functional interpretation of continuous variable quantum discordAssad, S.; Chrzanowski, H.; Symul, T.; Lam, P.K.; Ralph, T.; Gu, M.; Vedral, V. 
Jul-2010Advanced micro and nanoscopy for biomedicinevon Bally, G.; Gu, M.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
2008Coastal zone management focusing on coastal tourism in a transitional period of ChinaGu, M.; Wong, P.P. 
30-Jan-2013Coherent and incoherent contents of correlationsModi, K. ; Gu, M.
2013Discord as a consumable resourceGu, M.; Chrzanowski, H.M.; Assad, S.M.; Symul, T.; Modi, K.; Ralph, T.C.; Vedral, V. ; Lam, P.K.
8-Dec-2012Information-theoretic lower bound on energy cost of stochastic computationWiesner, K.; Gu, M.; Rieper, E.; Vedral, V. 
11-Sep-2013Local characterization of one-dimensional topologically ordered statesCui, J.; Amico, L.; Fan, H.; Gu, M.; Hamma, A.; Vedral, V. 
Sep-2012Observing the operational significance of discord consumptionGu, M.; Chrzanowski, H.M.; Assad, S.M.; Symul, T.; Modi, K. ; Ralph, T.C.; Vedral, V. ; Lam, P.K.
2013Operational significance of discord consumptionSymul, T.; Chrzanowski, H.M.; Assad, S.; Lam, P.K.; Ralph, T.C.; Gu, M.; Modi, K. ; Vedral, V. 
2012Quantum mechanics can reduce the complexity of classical modelsGu, M.; Wiesner, K.; Rieper, E.; Vedral, V. 
2012Quantum phases with differing computational powerCui, J.; Gu, M.; Kwek, L.C. ; Santos, M.F.; Fan, H.; Vedral, V. 
2006Residents' perception of tourism impacts: A case study of homestay operators in Dachangshan Dao, North-East ChinaGu, M.; Wong, P.P.