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2005Asymptotic normality of scaling functionsChen, L.H.Y. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
Jan-2007Causality properties of refinable functions and sequencesGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
May-2009Constructing tight frames of multivariate functionsGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
1999Convergence of nonstationary cascade algorithmsGoodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
Mar-2013Estimating maxima of generalized cross ambiguity functions, and uncertainty principlesGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.
Nov-2008Foveated splines and waveletsGAO XIAOJIE ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
Jul-2009Hybrid spline framesGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L.
Jan-2006Inequalities on time-concentrated or frequency-concentrated functionsGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.
Sep-2010Joint estimation of time delay and Doppler shift for band-limited signalsGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Shang, F. 
1-Jul-2000Nonuniform cascade algorithmsGoodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
2001Riesz bases in subspaces of L2(R+)Goodman, T.N.T.; Micchelli, C.A.; Shen, Z. 
Dec-2013Singular integrals, scale-space and wavelet transformsGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
Jan-2004Uncertainty principles and asymptotic behaviorGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.
Nov-2006Uncertainty principles in Banach spaces and signal recoverySong Goh, S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.
Feb-1993Wavelet bases for a set of commuting unitary operatorsGoodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. ; Tang, W.S.