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Nov-2005A study of natural rubber latex allergens in gloves used by healthcare workers in SingaporeKoh, D. ; Ng, V.; Leow, Y.-H.; Goh, C.L.
1997Allergic contact dermatitis from grassesKoh, D. ; Goh, C.L.; Tan, H.T.W. ; Ng, S.K.; Wong, W.K.
1-Jun-2003Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma of the skin: Analysis of the Singapore Cancer Registry data 1968-97Koh, D. ; Wang, H.; Lee, J.; Chia, K.S. ; Lee, H.P. ; Goh, C.L.
1995Colophony in bindi adhesiveKoh, D. ; Lee, B.L.; Ong, H.Y.; Ong, C.N. ; Wong, W.K.; Ng, S.K.; Goh, C.L.
1994Condom use negotiation among sex workers in Singapore: Findings from qualitative researchWong, M.L. ; Archibald, C. ; Chan, Roy K.W.; Goh, A.; Tan, T.C. ; Goh, C.L.
1990Dermatological symptoms among visual display unit operators using plasma display and cathode ray tube screens.Koh, D. ; Goh, C.L.; Jeyaratnam, J. ; Kee, W.C. ; Ong, C.N. 
1999Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA using polymerase chain reaction in cutaneous tuberculosis and tuberculidsTan, S.H.; Tan, B.H.; Goh, C.L.; Tan, K.C.; Tan, M.F. ; Ng, W.C. ; Tan, W.C. 
1994Evaluation of a safe-sex intervention programme among sex workers in SingaporeArchibald, C.P. ; Chan, R.K.W.; Wong, M.L. ; Goh, A. ; Goh, C.L.
Jun-2005Latex sensitisation in healthcare workers in SingaporeTang, M.B.Y.; Leow, Y.H.; Ng, V.; Koh, D. ; Goh, C.L.
10-Apr-2001Occupational allergic contact dermatitis in SingaporeKoh, D. ; Leow, Y.H.; Goh, C.L.
Jan-1998Occupational dermatologyKoh, D. ; Goh, C.L.
May-2004Salivary immunoglobulin A and lysozyme in patients with psoriasisKoh, D. ; Yang, Y.; Khoo, L.; Nyunt, S.Z. ; Ng, V.; Goh, C.L.
2007TVM telecommunication and TV mobileCao, C. ; Chou, M.C. ; Goh, C.L.; Tan, S.Q.; Thye, W.L.; Toh, E.Y.; Wong, H.M.; Ye, H.Q. ; Yuan, X.-M.
Jan-2011Variation in allergen content over time of acrylates/methacrylates in patch test preparationsGoon, A.T.J.; Bruze, M.; Zimerson, E.; Sörensen, A.Ö.; Goh, C.L.; Koh, D.S.Q. ; Isaksson, M.