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2016Deep sequencing of influenza A virus from a human challenge study reveals a selective bottleneck and only limited intrahost genetic diversificationLeonard, A.S; McClain, M.T; Smith, G.J.D ; Wentworth, D.E; Halpin, R.A; Lin, X; Ransier, A; Stockwell, T.B; Das, S.R; Gilbert, A.S; Lambkin-Williams, R; Ginsburg, G.S; Woods, C.W; Koelle, K
2013Patient and primary care provider experience using a family health history collection, risk stratification, and clinical decision support tool: A type 2 hybrid controlled implementation-effectiveness trialWu, R.R ; Orlando, L.A; Himmel, T.L; Buchanan, A.H; Powell, K.P; Hauser, E.R; Agbaje, A.B; Henrich, V.C; Ginsburg, G.S
2015Protocol for the "Implementation, adoption, and utility of family history in diverse care settings" studyWu, R.R ; Myers, R.A; McCarty, C.A; Dimmock, D; Farrell, M; Cross, D; Chinevere, T.D; Ginsburg, G.S; Orlando, L.A; for the Family Health History Netwo
2014Quality of family history collection with use of a patient facing family history assessment toolWu, R.R ; Himmel, T.L; Buchanan, A.H; Powell, K.P; Hauser, E.R; Ginsburg, G.S; Henrich, V.C; Orlando, L.A
2016The IGNITE network: A model for genomic medicine implementation and researchWeitzel, K.W; Alexander, M; Bernhardt, B.A; Calman, N; Carey, D.J; Cavallari, L.H; Field, J.R; Hauser, D; Junkins, H.A; Levin, P.A; Levy, K; Madden, E.B; Manolio, T.A; Odgis, J; Orlando, L.A; Pyeritz, R; Wu, R.R ; Shuldiner, A.R; Bottinger, E.P; Denny, J.C; Dexter, P.R; Flockhart, D.A; Horowitz, C.R; Johnson, J.A; Kimmel, S.E; Levy, M.A; Pollin, T.I; Ginsburg, G.S